18 Baby Girl Names That Start With Jin

Jin Ae (진애)Truth, treasure and loveGirl
Jin Kyong (진경)Truth, treasure and brightnessGirl
Jinathey are born investigator with the leadership skills. They like to keep themselves moving and have curiosity to learn and gain knowledge.Unisex
Jinalit means lord Vishnu who have speech power and can easily convince the audience towards him. They keep themselves busy and determined.Girl
JinaliA name of Lord VishnuGirl
Jinanhave smooth ideas, well structured and versatile in nature. They keep on discovering new things and have no limits in their life.Unisex
JinaniHeavenly, or from Paradise.Girl
JindoiskaRuler of the householdGirl
Jinellepeople with this name are introverted and sensitive. They are hardworkers and have cool nture. The are moody and love their friends and family.Girl
Jingerit means variance in spelling. People with this name are cheerful and love colors. They do not like to spend their life in a static way .Girl
JiniA Malayalam variation of Jenny.Girl
Jiniathe name means Maiden. People with this name are calm, patient,strong and have great tolerance. They are intelligent and clever in nature.Girl
Jinishait means superior. Girls with this name are strong, intelligent and independent. They never compromise about their work and have curiosity to learn new things.Girl
Jiniyait means a flower. People with this name are very soft, generous, kind hearted and love to help other people. they love travelling and are dynamic in nature.Girl
Jinnipeople with this name have urge to help other people and humanity. They are creative and wants to acquire knowledge. They are highly I maginative and visionary.Girl
Jinnyit means white wave. People with this name are dynamic in nature and have powerful and strong attitude. They love to help others because of their variant nature.Unisex
JinsyThe female name Jinsy is derived from the name Jane which means God is gracious.Girl
Jinxit means spell. People with this name are easy to understand and have simple nature. They are not very vibrant but loves to lead a simple and humane life.Girl

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