33 Baby Girl Names That Start With Jol

JolGreat lover of art and cultureGirl
JolaHebrew - Jehovah is God; Joelle is God Will Be Willing; Violet FlowerGirl
JolaifeViolet Blossom,violet flower,in German its meaning is countlyGirl
JolanDerivative of the word Jolan,meaning good girl,violet blossomGirl
JolanaGreek origin existing in many languages meaning violetGirl
Jolandadeep inner desire to lead, organize, supervise, and to achieve status.Girl
JolandePurple; Hebrew - Jehovah is God; Joelle is God Will Be Willing; Violet FlowerGirl
JolankaDerivative of the word Jolan,meaning good girl,violet blossomGirl
JolantaThe meaning of the name Jolanta is VioletGirl
JolanthaMeans violet. People with this name are very succesful in their life and are fun loving. Such people gain respect and fame with the passage of time.Girl
Jolantheit is a variation of violet color and means violet flower. People with this name have successful career and make money a lot. Independent, freedom loving. Confident and determined towards their goal.Girl
JolasunLet the wealth come forth.Girl
Jolaynethe name means God exceeds. People with this name are loyal, honest, reliable and sincere. They have a clever mind and try their best to keep others happy.Girl
Joleanit means gracious, pretty and merciful. Expressive, fun loving and have good sense of humour. They are creative and happy persons.Girl
Joleaneit means He (God) will increase. People with this name always seek the quality of life and desire to get the best. They are sensitive in nature.Girl
Joleeit means cheerful and pretty. Such people are kind hearted and generous. They love helping people and making friends. They are more obliged towards their families.Girl
Joleenit means something well established. People with this name are organized and love making friends. They have bold and mature attitude.Girl
Joleiciahonest, brilliant, high of inspiration people. they posses the leader quality and believe in law and methodical behaviour in every thing.Girl
Joleighcreative and adventuorous type of persons. They easily get bore and love changes. They are staright forward and easily make their life decisions.Girl
Jolenait means God will increase and well established. People with this name are cheerful and flexible in nature. They easily adopt changes in life and never regret their decisions.Girl
Jolenethe name is combination of two words Jo and elene. Such people have excellent judgemental and analyzing understanding and usually are introverts.Girl
Joletteit means a youthful person. People with this name take care of their physical appearance and loves appreciation.Girl
Jolicountly and cheerful are the owrd meanings. People with this name have desire for loving companions. They tend to be leaders and are focused towards their goal.Girl
Joliciathey love adventure and ecxcitement in their life. They are clever and are capable to do almost anything in their life. They are usually artist in profession.Girl
JoliePretty; Feminine form of Joel; A spelling variation of JoelyGirl
Jolinait is a combination of two words jo and Lina. Such people remain quiet and keep on analyzing the people and the place where they live. They are scholrs and teachers mostly.Girl
Jolinesuch people are idealistic and visionary. They have the potential for hardwork but they misuse their power and intuitive.Girl
Jolinnsuch people have high patience and independent. They fight for their right and posses the leadership quality.Girl
Jolisapeople with this name are very selective in friends and have ideas which are thoughtful and efficient to implement.Girl
Jolleenpeople with this name are stubborn, proud and impatient. However they prove to be very courageous but are aggressive as well.Girl
Jollenesuch people are powerful and are focused towards their aim. They attain good wealth in their life. If they will implement their ideas, they will surely be successful.Girl
Jolynnpeople with this name are natural and doesnot have tolerance. They are organized and joyful. They are funloving and spread laughter where ever they go.Girl

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