25 Baby Girl Names That Start With Jor

Jorahthey are nice and have no bounds to enjoy their enjoy. They know the tactics to communicate with people.Girl
Joralityit means God precious gift and God has been Gracious. They bring people together and give proper time to their friends. Their joy have no bounds.Girl
JoraniA radiant jewelGirl
Jorawarthey have charm, life, upstanding personality. They are best for themselves and often seek guidance to make themselves perfect.Girl
Jordaansuch people are refreshing and have a spark in their attitude. They cherish the memories they have and understanding capability. profession: shepherd, horsemenUnisex
Jordainsuch people have scientist mind and attain knowledge in every possible way. they are mostly singer, actor and dancer in profession.Girl
JordanaHebrew - Descend; Flow Down; Feminine form of JordanGirl
JordaneHebrew - Descend; Flow Down; Feminine form of JordanGirl
Jordannethe one who is praised. They are dashing and romantic in nature. Blessed with a lot of blessings and have strong spirit.Unisex
JordenceJordence means Flowing Down.Girl
JordenneThe meaning of the name Jordenne is DescendingGirl
JordieJordie name means Down-FlowingGirl
JordynnJordynn means She who is DescendingGirl
JoreniaThe name Jorenia means The Woman who works with earthGirl
JorettaJoretta means Descend, Down-FlowingGirl
JoreylJoreyl is a female name and means The one Who is Flowing DownGirl
JorgelinaJorgelina means She who Farms the LandGirl
JoridThe name Jorid means Girl FarmerGirl
JorieHebrew - Descend; Flow Down; Feminine form of Jordan; Short for the name MarjorieGirl
JorinaFrisian form of Gregoria, meaning the watchfulGirl
JorineThe name Jorine means BoarGirl
JorjaJorja is a Latin name and means FarmerGirl
JorjannaJorjanna means Lovable country childGirl
JorlinJorlin name means Female FarmerGirl
JorrynJorryn means Loved by GodGirl

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