141 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ju

JunaeJunae is a variaton of the name Juno, Roman Goddess and protector of women and marriageGirl
JunahThe name Junah means The SunGirl
JunayaThe meaning of name Junaya is Garden of ParadisGirl
JunaynaThe meaning of the name Junayna is Little GardenGirl
JunellaThe meaning of the name Junella is YoungGirl
JunetteThe name Junette originates from the name of the month Juno, know as the Bridal monthGirl
JuniJuni is a Scandinavian name meaning YoungGirl
JuniaThe name Junia means born in JuneGirl
JunieThe meaning of the name Junie is Belongs to JunoGirl
JunifaA patient and reserch oriented beingGirl
JuniperJuniper is an English name and represents a small, evergreen shrub bearing berriesGirl
JunkoJapanese - Sincere Child; Obedient, Genuine, PureGirl
JunnutThe meaning of the name Junnut is ParadiseGirl
JunoJuno is the name of a Roman Goddess, means Queen of the HeavensGirl
JurgitaJurgita is a Girls name and has the meaning EarthworkerGirl
JurneeJurnee is a variation of the word Journey and bears the same meaningGirl
JuskaThe name Juska means "to give refuge"Girl
JuspreetThe meaning of the name Juspreet is One who sings praises of the LordGirl
JustaThe name Justa means FairGirl
JusteenThe meaning of Justeen is UprightGirl
JusteeneThe name Justeene means Righteous, UprightGirl
JusteneJustene name means JustGirl
JustinaJustina means Righteous OneGirl
JustineJustine is a female name meaning RighteousGirl
JustiseOld English - Justice; JustGirl
JustynaThe meaning of the name Justyna is Fair,JustGirl
JusztinaJusztina is a Hungarian name meaning Fair-mindedGirl
JuthikaJuthika is a name that represents a kind of a Flower, Jasmine FlowerGirl
JuthwaraJuthwara means "Aud the Virgin"Girl
JuttaJutta is a Girl name meaning Land of The JuteGirl
JuuditA form of Judith and means woman of Judea.Girl
JuulaEstonian form of Julia and means youthfulness.Girl
JuuliEstonian form of Julie and means youthfulness.Girl
JuveriaThe meaning of the name Juveria is Damask RoseGirl
JuwairiyahThe meaning of the name is Little GirlGirl
JuwairiyyahThe name bears the meaning of Little Woman, Little GirlGirl
JuwariyahName of Prophet Muhammad's wife.Girl
JuwayriyahThe meaning of the name is Wife of the ProphetGirl
JuweteAn imaginative, creative and friendly personGirl
JuyThe meaning of the name is Down-bearded Youthunisex
JuzaThe meaning of the name Juza is NotifyGirl

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