48 Baby Girl Names That Start With Jul

Julait means young. Such people have shine in their life and know their mind. They are unique and enjoy being in their friends.Girl
Juleit means jewel. Such people are very precious and are loyal to their friends nd family. they have a very catchy spirit.Girl
Juleeit means Jove`s Child or feminine of Julian. Such girls are jewel and spark for their friends and family and bring laughter.Girl
Julenethe word means youth. These people prove to be very lucky and natural in their attitude. They do not bear fake personalities.Girl
Julesthe word means youthful. They are calm, simple and have a fun side. They are easy to understand.Unisex
Juleyit means youthful and the feminine version of Julius. They love and seek for true friendship. They have a eternal spirit.Girl
Juliyouthful.they have high dreams and prove to be great ideals for other people. they are fast and strong.Girl
JuliaLatin - Jupiter's Child; Julia is Youthful, DownyGirl
Julianait means downy bearded person or young. They are blessed with a lot of blessings and are organized type of persons. They are unique, inspire and abundant.Girl
Julianeyoung and fearless.such people are easy going and have urge to seek knowledge. They have a lot of qualities and love their family and friends.Girl
Julianithey focus on their physical appearance and posess many capabilities. They are noble, generous and kind.Girl
Juliannit means young and youthful. They have a spark and ignite the light in every event and occasion. They are lively and filled with energy.Girl
Juliannait means young and youthful or Joves child. These people are abundant, organized, full of ideas and useful for others.Girl
JulianneLatin - Jupiter's Child; Downy; Julianne is Feminine Form Of JulianGirl
Julianythey are the great listeners and advicers. They take care of their physical appearance and prove to be youthful. They listen to their hearts.Girl
JulieLatin - Jupiter's Child; Downy; Feminine Form Of Julian; A variant of JuliaGirl
Julieasuch people love to do little things in life and have importance of every little thing. They spread the harmony.Girl
Julieannpeople with this name are full of ideas. They prove to be great in personality and noble in nature.Girl
Julieannepeople with this name are loyal, honest and kind. They are noble and have urge to live long life with peace.Girl
Juliekpeople with this name have childlike behaviour and are very sweet and cute in nature, they learn the lessons from their life.Girl
Juliennathey live their life with full luxury and have neatness . Their social circle is very big and easily inspire others.Girl
Juliennethey are noble, kind, generous and soft spoken persons. They love truly and prove to be very useful for other people.Girl
Julietthey love their life and have eternal spirit. They have a touching personality ans easily inspire others.Girl
Julietathey have the most precious smile and set their ideals real high. They have a hidden talent and bring joy wherever they go.Girl
Julieththey are heavenly sort of persons. Very simple living, elegant, easy going. People get impress from their simplicity and strong spiritual nature.Girl
Juliettathey set their ambitions very high and are born elegant. They are kind heart persons and easily involve themselves in activities.Girl
Juliettesuch people are enrich with every kind of knowledge and prove to be very good friends. They keep on trying to achieve their aim and life goal. They treasure their relations.Girl
Julijpeople with this name are joyful and have a spark in nature. They are strong, courageous and live their life to the fullest with out any regret.Unisex
Julijathey are known because of being social and get fame. They become wealthy with the passage of time. They are admirable persons.Unisex
JulijanaPeople with this name are not unselfish. They are most admirable and are noble. Honest, charming , but stubborn.Unisex
Julinathey have a real genuine side and are natural. They do not bear and fake or unnatural behiavour.Girl
JulinkaLatin - Jupiter's Child; Downy; Feminine Form Of Julian; A variant of JuliaGirl
JulisaLatin - Jupiter's Child; Downy; Feminine Form Of Julian; A variant of JuliaGirl
Julishathey have a ignite in their personality and spread laughter. Friends enjoy their company and they value physical apperance.Girl
JuliskaSuch people are involved in many activities and are very social. They are kind, sweet and have interest in many events.Girl
Julissapeople with this name are sweet , absolute and unique in personality. They are filled with energy and please to meet every person.Girl
Julistethey prove to be scholar and keep on trying to achieve their goal. They have a strong spirit and live their life to fullest.Unisex
Julitapeople with this name are very impressive. They love nature and adopt gardening as a hobby. They are blessed with many advantages by God.Girl
Julittapeople with this name are old fashioned and have hidden talent. they are able to make themselves ideal and are loyal.Girl
Juliuszthey do value their self respect a lot. Have unique personality and live their life well. good sense of humour.Unisex
Julizathey have zeal for living and wants to acwuire knowledge. They keep learning with the passage of time and are unique.Girl
Juljathey have a fun side and live their life to the fullest.they have a strong spirit and cannot be changed easily.Girl
Jullianpeople with this name are loyal and love their family a lot. They bring joy where ever they go and are good advisers.Unisex
Julliepeople with this name have great ideas and prove to be very lucky . They can stand for their rights and are strong in nature.Girl
JulyJuly means Jupiter's childGirl
JulyanaThe name means Jove's ChildGirl
JulyaneThe meaning of the name is YouthfulGirl
JulyssaJulyssa name means Jupiter's Child, DowneyGirl

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