1868 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter K

Baby Girl Names Starts With K

When a child is born, several things are believed to shape her future, such as the time of birth, circumstances surrounding the birth, and the name. A name isn’t just an identity, but can reveal a lot about the bearer’s personality. Below MomJunction has thrown some light on the probable characteristics and personality traits of people whose names start with the letter K.

The letter K conveys originality, authority, energy, and excellent leadership qualities. These people are very affectionate towards their loved ones and aspire to do something meaningful in life. So the physical and spiritual energy your daughter gets from this letter can be used to help people around her.

This letter will also make your daughter capable of great achievements because K people are relentless when it comes to getting what they want out of life.

On the downside, girls with this initial do not use their energy and intelligence wisely and may grow nervous, anxious, and pessimistic. This can be reversed if you help your daughter channelize her energy in constructive things.

The other positive thing about this letter is that it has some of the unique baby names. So if you’re expecting a little princess, below is MomJunction's list of baby girl names, starting from simple and sweet Ka to exotic and uncommon Kyung-Hu.

KarimeKarime means The Attractive OneGirl
KarinKarin means PureGirl
KarineKarine means Beloved FriendGirl
KarisKaris means Grace, PhoneticGirl
KarishmaKarishma means MiracleGirl
KarismaFavor; Gift; Carisma; A variant spelling of Karishma which means miracle in SanskritGirl
KarissaKarissa means Very DearGirl
KaritaKarita means Dear, BelovedGirl
KaritasKaritas means CharityGirl
KarkaThe name Karka means CrabGirl
KarlaKarla means Womanly StrenghtGirl
KarleeThe name Karlee means Strenght of a WomanGirl
KarleighKarleigh means Woman with Great StrenghtGirl
KarleneThe name means Strong WomanGirl
KarleyThe name Karley means Woman StrenghtGirl
KarliKarli means Little and WomanlyGirl
KarliahKarliah means Covered in SnowGirl
KarlieKarlie means Free WomanGirl
KarlishiaKarlishia is a modern created nameGirl
KarlyKarly means WomanlyGirl
KarlygashThe swallow birdGirl
KarlynKarlyn means Strong WomanGirl
KarlyssaKarlyssa means StrongGirl
KarmaThe name Karma means Destiny, Actions are FateGirl
KarmalaKarmala means Destiny, Fruit FieldGirl
KarmenKarmen means Fruitful OrchardGirl
KarmiaVineyard of the LordGirl
KarminaKarmina means OrchardGirl
KarmitiKarmiti means TreesGirl
KarnapriyaThe name Karnapriya means Sweet to the EarsGirl
KarnchanaA beautiful and lovely girl.Girl
KarniKarni means My HornGirl
KarnikaKarnika meas EarringGirl
KaroA bird, Pashto term for Mayna birdGirl
KarolaKarola means StrongGirl
KarolayPossibly, a variation of Caroline.Girl
KarolinKarolin means Free ManGirl
KarolinaKarolina means Tiny and FeminineGirl
KarolineKaroline means JoyGirl
KarolynMeans Free WomanGirl
KaronPure; Abbreviation of Katherine; A variant spelling is CaronGirl
KarouKarou means Fragantunisex
KarrenPure; Abbreviation of Katherine; A variant spelling is CarrenGirl
KarrianaKarriana means Of Pure HeartGirl
KarrieKarrie means The Pure OneGirl
KarriganKarrigan means She who is PureGirl
KarrinPure; Abbreviation of Katherine; A variant spelling is CarrinGirl
KarrisaThe name Karrisa means Embrace,CaressGirl
KarryKarry means Beloved FriendGirl
KarstynThe name means Mossy PlaceGirl
KarsynKarsyn means From the MarshGirl
KartaraKartara means Lord of CreationGirl
KarthiaeiniThe name of the indian GoddessGirl
KartikaOne who is like a StarGirl
KartikiDivine lightGirl
KarukaA piece of art that is divine, heavenlyGirl
KarulAn innocent personGirl
KaruliA blameless, innocent personGirl
KarunamayeeA kind, sparing personGirl
KarunamayiA person with a compassionate heartGirl
KarunyaCompassion; Benevolent; Generous; One who is very kind heartedGirl
KaryA full grown, adult personGirl
KarymeAn extremly attractive personGirl
KarynA pure individualGirl
KarynaA keel of the ship, from the Latin wordGirl
KasaOne who is dressed in fursGirl
KasandraA proohetess that is uheededGirl
KasanitaTo strike the wood together in order to make fireGirl
KasarachukwuTell it to God, one who always confides in God.Girl
KasenA dame of purityGirl
KashfiyaThe feeling of enlightenmentGirl
KashidaA hardworking womanGirl
KashiefaKashiefa means The One that DiscoversGirl
KashikaThe Shiny One; Bright and Brilliant; Radiant and LuminantGirl
KashinathaThe name means Lord of KashiGirl
KashiraKashira means FunnyGirl
KashishAn Attraction; Admiration; One who is charming and lovableGirl
KashmA historical and mythical Persian princessGirl
KashmiraBeauty of Kashmir; From Kashmir; Grape; Red KummumGirl
KashoodaKashooda means Pretty, AttractiveGirl
KashudKashud means BlossomGirl
KashviThe name means LuminousGirl
KashwiniKashwini means StarGirl
KashyapiKashyapi name means EarthGirl
KasiKasi name means The one who comes from the Holy CityGirl
KasiaKasia means Bright, PureGirl
KasibKasib name means FertileGirl
KasieKasie name means AlertGirl
KasiemobiComfort me or console me.Girl
KasimaKasima name means Elegant WomanGirl
KasirahKasirah means PleantyGirl
KasoolKasool name means a Girl That was Raised with Tender CareGirl
KassKass means Like a Raven, a Black BirdUnisex
KassadyKassady means The One with a Curly HairGirl
KassandraKassandra means She Who Shines and Attracts MenGirl
KassiKassi name means Shining upon a ManGirl
KassiaKassia name means Pure and ShiningGirl
KassidyKassidy means She is Clever, or She of a Curly HairGirl

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