55 Baby Girl Names That Start With Kam

KamaKama means LoveGirl
KamadhenuThe name means The Desire Granting CowGirl
KamakaKamaka means rock in the Maori languageUnisex
KamakhyaThe meaning of the name is Goddess DurgaGirl
KamakshiKamakshi means One with Loving EyesGirl
KamakyaKamakya means Granter of WishesGirl
KamalaKamala means LotusGirl
KamalakshiThe meaning of the name is One whose Eyes are Beautiful like LotusesGirl
KamaleiKamelei means Beloved ChildGirl
KamalikaKamalika means LotusGirl
KamaliniKamalini means LotusGirl
KamalkaliKamalkali means The Bud of the LotusGirl
KamalnayanThe name means The Lord with Lotus Shaped Eyesunisex
KamalwantKamalwant means Complete LotusGirl
KamanaKamana means Desire, WishGirl
KamariAnother name of Moon; Radiant; Brilliant and Luminant like MoonGirl
KamariaThe name means Bright like the MoonGirl
KamayaKamaya means Precious OneGirl
KambreeKambree means Mighty Warrior, StreamGirl
KambriaKambrian means WalesGirl
KamdaKamda means One who can Fulfill All Wishes of OthersGirl
KamdynThe name means ValleyGirl
KameaKamea means The One and OnlyGirl
KameelaThe name means PerfectionGirl
KameliaFlower Name; Variant of the Flower Name CameliaGirl
KamellaKamella means A Name of the FlowerGirl
KamerynThe name means Crooked Noseunisex
KameshvariKameshvari name means The Queen of DesireGirl
KamfeechukwuLet's worship God or let me praise GodGirl
KamharidaI shall not fall.Girl
KamiaKamia means She is like a FlowerGirl
KamilaKamila name means a Youth Employed in Religious SevicesGirl
KamilahKamilah means Flawlessness, PerfectionGirl
KamiliaKamilia means Attending the Ceremony or Sweet FlowerGirl
KamillaLatin - Acolyte; Attendant at a ritual; Arabic - Perfection; A spelling variant of CamillaGirl
KamilleKamille is Born Free, a Noble OneGirl
KamillyA variant of Camilla, meaning free born or noble.Girl
KaminiBeautiful Woman; Desired; Wish; A variant of name Kamala which means flowerGirl
KamiyahLover of art and musicGirl
KamlynA combination of name Kama and LynnGirl
KammaSanskrit meaning of the name is Love, and the Arabic meaning is PerfectGirl
KammiYoung Attendant; Beautiful; Good looking; Charming; A variant of name Kamala which means flowerGirl
KammieYoung Attendant; Beautiful; Good looking; Charming; A variant of name Kamala which means flowerGirl
KamnikaKamnika means Alluring, CharmingGirl
KamoraKamora means Comes from the Golden MeadowGirl
KampilyaThe name means The Smell of ParfumeGirl
KamraKamra means MoonGirl
KamrieKamrie A Power of DevineGirl
KamrinKamrin name means Crooked NoseGirl
KamsiyonnaGod has granted my request.Girl
KamtochukwuLet me praise God.Girl
KamuKamu means A Woman GodGirl
KamyaBeautiful; Good Looking; Charming;Girl
KamyraKamyra means Surroundd by SunlightGirl

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