88 Baby Girl Names That Start With Kan

Kana (仮名)Kana means The One who Has the Power, PowerfulGirl
KanaaqLower part of the leg.Unisex
KanakKanak means Gold, The Golden OneUnisex
Kanak priyaKanak Priya name means She Loves GoldGirl
KanakaThe name means GoldUnisex
KanakabatiA Fairy TaleGirl
KanakachapaMeans Sweet Scent of the Tree FlowerGirl
KanakachompakThe name means The Sweet Scent of the FlowerGirl
KanakaprabhaThe name means Bright as the GoldGirl
KanakapriyaThe name means She Loves GoldGirl
KanaklataKanaklata means The Keeper of GoldGirl
KanakpriyaThe name means Gold LoverGirl
KanalaKanala name means The Shinning SunGirl
KananKanan means Garden, FirestUnisex
KananbalaKananbala means The Forest NymphGirl
KananiKanani means The one who is BeautifulGirl
KanankuntalaA woman who have dense hair like dense forestGirl
KanapimaKanapima means The One They Tallk AboutUnisex
KanasuKanasu means Dream, DreamyGirl
KanchanGold; Shining and BrightGirl
KanchangiriThe name means Golden MountainGirl
KanchanjanghaThe name means High MountainGirl
KanchanjotThe name means The Golden LightGirl
KanchanprabhaThe name means The Light of GoldGirl
KanchiKanchi means Brilliant, SmartGirl
KandaceFrom Greek origins Kandace means White Fire, Latin meaning is PureGirl
KandeKande name means The Firstborn Female ChildGirl
KandeeKandee name means Ethiopian QueenGirl
KandiKandi means The Queen MotherGirl
KandiceKandice The Queen of EthiopiaGirl
KandieThe name The Mother QueenGirl
KandisLatin - Pure; English - Candy; Modern variant of CandaceGirl
KandissKandiss means Ethiopian QueensGirl
KandraCeltic meaning is Greatest Chamion, Sanskrit meaning is the MoonshineGirl
KandulaKandula name means ItchingGirl
KandyLatin - Pure; English - Candy; Modern variant of CandaceGirl
KandyceThe name means a Title Used by Ethiopian QueensGirl
KaneezKaneez name means Servant, a Slave GirlGirl
KaneezahThe name means Firm, SturdyGirl
KaneilaBeautiful like a rose.Girl
KaneshaThe name is a combination of Kendra that means Prophetess and Aisha that means AliveGirl
KangaKanga name means Black Bird, RavenUnisex
KaniKani means SoundGirl
KanikaThe name Kanika means Seed, Peace of GoldGirl
KaninakaKaninaka means BlackGirl
KaninikaThe name means The Pupil of the EyeGirl
KaniquaKaniqua means Black DressGirl
KaniraKanira means GrainGirl
KanishaKanisha means BeautifulGirl

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