113 Baby Girl Names That Start With Kar

KarabiKarabi name means FlowerGirl
KarahKarah means Dear, BelovedGirl
KaralaKarala name means a Free WomanGirl
KaralanaA girl with a pure and peaceful personality.Girl
KaraleaKaralea means Sweet melodyGirl
KaraleahThe name means Love, DearGirl
KaraleeKaralee name means Pure, FairGirl
KaraleighThe name means Pure and Fair WaomanGirl
KaralieKaralie name means GenuineGirl
KaralikaKaralika name means The one that TearsGirl
KaralinaThe name means Full-grown, FreeGirl
KaraluchukwuLet's leave it for God.Girl
KaralynKaralyn name means Pure, True or BrightGirl
KaramKaram name means Generosity in ArabicUnisex
KarambhaThe name means Deverse, MixedGirl
KaramiaKaramia means Beloved PeaceGirl
KaranaKarana name means Pure in GreekGirl
KaranneThe name means Pure TortureGirl
KaransukhThe name means Having Happy Thoughts, HappyGirl
KarasKaras means Grace and CharmGirl
KarasiKrasi means Life and WisdomGirl
KarawekA bird found in Thailand, birdGirl
KardawaiyahThe name means Ious WomanGirl
KareedaKareeda means Untouched, VirginGirl
KareemaKareema means Kind and CompassionateGirl
KareemahThe name means Giving, Generous and NobleGirl
KareenKareen means Cherised, AdmiredGirl
KareenaKareena means Dear, little oneGirl
KarelynA Dominic Republic variation of Caroline. It means free man.Girl
KarenPure; Derived from the elements 'carus' which means dear ; 'katharos' pureGirl
KarenaKarena means The Pure oneGirl
KarennaKarenna means the Chaste, pure OneGirl
KaresaKaresa means Full of Grace and KindnessGirl
KaressaKaressa means She who is Pure and KindGirl
KarettyKaretty means Unsullied and ChasteGirl
KariAs a female name Kari means Black haired one in Gaelic, or Nordic Free Woman. Male version of the name means Strong in French and Tremenduos in ScandinavianUnisex
KariaPure; Carol; Germanic - Freeman; A form of KariGirl
KarianaKariana means Modest, PureGirl
KariannThe name means VirginGirl
KariannaKarianna means Viginal, Chaste, PureGirl
KarianneKarianne means Sinless, VirginalGirl
KaridaKarida means Untouched VirginGirl
KarideeKaridee means The one who is Virginal and PureGirl
KarieKarie name means PureGirl
KariganKarigan means Descendant from Jupiter(Jove)Girl
KarimaKarima means Giving and GenerousGirl
KarimahKarimah name means is Big-Hearted, GenerousGirl
KarimanKariman means Generous LadyGirl
KarimeKarime means The Attractive OneGirl
KarinKarin means PureGirl

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