125 Baby Girl Names That Start With Kat

KatKat name means Pure and Chaste WomanGirl
KataKata in Japanese means Worthy One. In Greek, the name means The Woman that is Pure and ChasteGirl
KatakaKataka means Virginal WomanGirl
KataleKatale name means Strogner than YouGirl
KataliaKatalia means Rejoicing, ShinigGirl
KatalinKatalin means PureGirl
KatalinaKatalina means Pure HeartedGirl
KatalynThe name means The Pure OneGirl
KatanaKatana means Honorable or SwordGirl
KataraKatara means BlessedGirl
KatariinaThe name means Pure or Each of the TwoGirl
KatarinaKatarina means Pure, CleanGirl
KatarineKatarine means The one who is PureGirl
KatarynaThe name means UnsulliedGirl
KatarzynaKatarzyna means Pure, UnsulliedGirl
KatayaKataya means The Unsullied oneGirl
KatchenKatchen means Clean, PureGirl
KateKate means ClearGirl
KateishaKateisha means Joy, From KashmirGirl
KatelinThe name Katelin means Pure, ClearGirl
KatelinaKatelina means the Clear OneGirl
KatelineOld Greek - Pure; Torture; Form of CatherineGirl
KatelinnMeans the One who is PureGirl
KatelinneKatelinne means The Clear, Pure oneGirl
KatellKatell means PureGirl
KatelyaKatelya means Clean, ClearGirl
KatelynThe meaning of the name is She who is PureGirl
KatelyneKatelyne means The Clear HeartedGirl
KatelynnKatelynn means Clean, ClearGirl
KatelynneOld Greek - Pure; Torture; Form of CatherineGirl
KatenThe name means Pure OneGirl
KatenkaKatenka means Torture or PureGirl
KateoinaA form of Catarina, meaning pure.Girl
KateriKateri means PureGirl
KaterinKaterin means TortureGirl
KaterinaKaterina means The Pure and the ClearGirl
KaterineThe name means Goddess of MagicGirl
KaterynKateryn means True, TransparentGirl
KaterynaKateryna means Pure, SimpleGirl
KateryneKateryne means Plain, ClearGirl
KateyKatey means Authentic, NaturalGirl
KathKath means ClearGirl
KathaKatha means True, RealGirl
KathakaliKathakali means A Folk DanceGirl
KathaleenKathaleen means Unsullied, PureGirl
KathanikaThe name means WordingGirl
KatharinaKatharina means The Pure and The True OneGirl
KatharineThe name means The Pure One, The Clear OneGirl

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