279 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ke

KelleshaThe name means Woman WarriorGirl
KelliKelli means LivelyGirl
KellieThe name means From the WoodGirl
KellinaKellina means Strong-WilledGirl
KellsieKellsie means BraveGirl
Kellynthe name means Descendent of the Brightheaded OneGirl
KellynnThe name means Lean, LittleGirl
KelsKels means Island, Beautiful Island, Shipping HarborGirl
KelsaKelsa means BraveGirl
KelseaKelsea means Island of Shipsunisex
KelseeKelsee means the Brave OneGirl
KelseighThe name means Victorious ShipGirl
KelsiKelsi means CouregeousGirl
KelsieKelsie means Daring, FearlessGirl
KelsonKelson means From the Ship's IslandGirl
KelsyKelsy means Heroic, BraveGirl
KelsyeThe name means Valiant, StrongGirl
KeltieThe name means Clans of the KeltieGirl
KelvaKelva means I am Stronger Than YouGirl
KelynenCornish vocabulary name meaning holly.Girl
KemalaBeautiful stoneGirl
KembangFlower, or blossomGirl
KemmaKemma means Stronger than YouGirl
KemuningA yellow flower found in Indonesia.Girl
KenabethKenabeth means Solid, SteadyGirl
KenadeeThe name means Armored Head, HelmetGirl
KenadiaKenadia means Chiefunisex
KenadonaKenadona means Clean WaterGirl
KenadoneKenadone means Clear, Pure WaterGirl
KenaiKenai means From the Clean WatersGirl
KencilAn intensive and emotional beingGirl
KendaKenda means Child of Clear,Cool WaterGirl
KendahlThe name means The Valley of the River KentGirl
KendalKendal means The bright valley, Valley of Kent RiverGirl
KendaleKendale means the Kent River ValleyGirl
KendaleighaThe name means The Valley of the StormGirl
KendallKendall means From the Bright Valley of Kent RiverGirl
KendiKendi means The one who is Loved and CherisedUnisex
KendisKendis means means PureGirl
KendraKendra means She is a ProphetessGirl
KendreKendre means She is a PhropetGirl
KendriaCeltic - High Summit; Greatest Champion; Blend of Ken and Sandra or AndreaGirl
KendyKendy mens The One who is Loved a LotGirl
KendylKendyl means Spring ValleyGirl
KendyllKenyll means Kent ValleyGirl
KenedeKenede means Child of clear Water, Kent RiverGirl
KengaKenga means The Water That Flows, RiverGirl
KeniaKenia means Greates. Also a Country in AfricaGirl
KeninaKenina means Born from the FireGirl
KeniseBeautiful, gorgeousGirl
KenishaThe name means Clean WaterGirl
KenleaKenlea meansShe is from the Royal MedowGirl
KenleeKenlee means King's MeadowGirl
KenleighKenleigh means She is from the Meadow of the KingsGirl
KenleyKenley means The Meadow of the Royal'sUnisex
KenlieKenlie means the Meadow of King's and Queen'sUnisex
KenlynKenlyn means Girl from the Royal MeadowGirl
KennaKenna means Born from the flamesGirl
KennadieKannadie means Head with an ArmorGirl
KennadyThe name means Ugly, Armored headGirl
KenndraKenndra means Understanding, KnoweldgeGirl
KennedaleThe meanin gof the name is She comes from the ValleyGirl
KennediKennedi means Helmet on the HeadGirl
KennedyKennedy means Helmeted ChiefGirl
KenneraKennera means Woman LeaderGirl
KennetteKennette Fire BornGirl
KenniceThe name means BeautyGirl
KennisKennis means She posesses BeautyGirl
KennitaKennita means From the Bright Valley of the River KentGirl
KensleyKensley means The Spring GladeGirl
KentekeeThe land of tomorrow, a state in AmericaGirl
KentuckyKentacky means A Land of Tomorrow, Name of the USA stateUnisex
KenweiKenwei means She is like Water LillyGirl
KenyaKenya means Mauntain of WhitenessGirl
KenzieKenzie means Fair and Handsome OneGirl
KenzingtonKenzington is a place name, of the English town KensingtonGirl
KenzintonThe name means place name, from British town KensingtonGirl
KenzoMeaning The town of Cynsige's Peopleunisex
KeonKeomi means Pure BeautyGirl
KeoneKeona means God's Gracious GiftGirl
KerajaKera means BelovedGirl
KeranA ray of light either from sun or moon, or a ray of hopeGirl
KeraniKeran means HornGirl
KerbanuA girl with tremendous strength, power and happiness in her heart.Girl
KerbeyKerani means Saned BellsGirl
KerbieThe name means From the Church VillageGirl
KeremKerbie means Church VillageGirl
KerenKerem means Vineyardunisex
KerensaKeren means Horn and RayGirl
KerenzaKerensa means LoveGirl
KeresenCornish word for cherry.Girl
KeriKerenza means The One who LovesGirl
KeridwenKerianne means Dusky, DarkGirl
KerinThe name means White SongGirl
KerinaThe name means Horn of an AnimalGirl
KerisaKerina means BlessingGirl
KerishiaKerisa means DearGirl
KeristeKerishia means UnsulliedGirl
KerithThe name means a ChristianGirl

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