279 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ke

KerkhiKerith means Cutting or SeparationGirl
KermeildeA woman covered in a thin layer of gold. a gilded ladyGirl
KermildaThe name means A Gilded WomanGirl
KermillaThe name means GildedGirl
KermillieKermilla means She who is GildedGirl
KermitThe name means The Guilded OneGirl
KerrellKerra means Dusky, DarkGirl
KerriThe descendants of Ciar. name of a county of IrelandUnisex
KerriannKerria means Yellow Japanese RoseGirl
KerrickKerriann means DuskyGirl
KerrieIrish - Descendants of Ciar; A variant spelling is KerryGirl
KerronThe name means BeautyGirl
KerrstinKerron means Pure TortureGirl
KerryThe name Kerrstin means ChristianGirl
KerschieThe name means Dusky and PureGirl
KerseyA dry land in watery areas specially marshGirl
KerstinaKerstin means A ChristianGirl
KerstineKerstine means A Christian WomanGirl
KertThe name means Christian WomanGirl
KeruboBorn on the plain.Girl
KervinThe name Kerttu means WarriorGirl
KesanduOne who spreads life to all.Girl
KesangFabulous period of timeGirl
KesaraKesar means LionGirl
KesariKesara means YouthfulGirl
KesavaKesari means SaffronGirl
KesavarajKesava means She of the Beautiful HairGirl
KeshaKesh means HairGirl
KesharKesha means Immense JoyGirl
KeshariKeshar means Saffron or LionGirl
KeshaunThe name means Horse LineGirl
KeshaviKeshava is the name of Vishnu from within the Hindu traditionGirl
KeshawnThe name means Long Beautiful HairGirl
KeshiA woman with long hairs, or a long haired womanGirl
KeshiaKeshi means Women with beautiful HairGirl
KeshikaKeshia means CinnamonGirl
KeshinThe name means Woman who has beautiful hairGirl
KeshiniKeshin means LionGirl
KeshonThe name means Woman who has beautiful hairGirl
KeshtoThe name means YouthGirl
KesiBorn at time of great trouble for fatherGirl
KesinThe name means Earth-BoundGirl
KesorA heavenly woman.Girl
KessieThe name means LionGirl
KessleeKessie means Chubby BabyGirl
KesslerThe name means Ship and SiegeGirl
KestynThe name means Bird Pray, RattleGirl
KetakiKetaki means The Flower of Cream ColourGirl
KetanaKetana means Home, it's a name of the Goddes LakshimiGirl
KetevanThe name means The Wife of the HouseGirl
KetiKeti is a diminutive of Ketevan, which means pureGirl
KetifaFlowering; BloomingGirl
KetikaThe name means FlowerGirl
KetinaKetina means a Yougster, Young oneGirl
KetitaKetita means Like a FlowerGirl
KetkiKetki means Cream Coloured FlowerGirl
KetoDiminutive of Ketevan, which means pureGirl
KettraKettra means Crown from Hebrew originsGirl
KettyKetty means RulerGirl
KeturaKetura means InceseGirl
KeturahThe meaning of the name Keturah is InceseGirl
KetutraA fragrance or a sacrifice by someoneGirl
KevaKeva name means Precious, GentleGirl
KevalyaThe name means AlonenessUnisex
KeviaKevia means The Child is BeautifulGirl
KevikaKevika name means She is like a FlowerGirl
KevinaKevina means Beautiful Young OneGirl
KevlynKevlyn She is Beautiful and YoungGirl
KeyaKeya means a Mansoon FlowerGirl
KeyahKeyah means in God's Good HealthGirl
KeyannaKeyanna means She is Living Life with GraceGirl
KeyaraKeyara means The Small One with Dark HairGirl
KeylaKeyla name means Who is like the LordGirl
KeymaKeyma means Stronger than OthersGirl
KeynaKeyna means Precious Stone, JewelGirl
KeyshiaA girl who is favorite of everyone.Girl
KeyuriKeyuri name means Bracelet, ArmletGirl
KeziaKezia name means Cassia, CinnamonGirl
KezyaKezya means CinnamonGirl

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