131 Baby Girl Names That Start With Kh

KhaalidaKhaalida means Deathless, She is ImmortalGirl
KhaanamThe name means The Wealthy WifeGirl
KhaatoonThe name means A Noble LadyGirl
KhabiraKhabira means The Knowing OneGirl
KhachitaThe name means JoinedGirl
KhadeejaKhadeeja means Premature DaughterGirl
KhadejaKhadeja name means Loyal, To be TrustedGirl
KhadejahThe name means TrustworthyGirl
KhadejhaThe meaning of the name is She who is LoyalGirl
KhadeshiaThe name means The Sun That Shines on the WorldGirl
KhadigaKhadiga means Baby born EarlyGirl
KhadijaKhadija means Prematurely born DaughterGirl
KhadijahThe name means Daughter that is born before she was dueGirl
KhadisahKhadisah means Premature DaughterGirl
KhadraKhadra means Green. Green of the JennahGirl
KhagenKhagen means BirdGirl
KhairaKhaira means Beautiful and RadiantGirl
KhairunnisaThe name means Peaceful LadyGirl
KhaistaPashto version of Shaista, meaning beautifulGirl
KhaleeqaMeaning of the name is Well ManneredGirl
KhaleesiThe name means QueenGirl
KhalelaAn intimate beloved friend, a close companionGirl
KhalesThe name means EternalGirl
KhaliKhali means ImmortalGirl
KhalidaKhalida means DeathlessGirl
KhalidahThe name means EternalGirl
KhalidiKhalidi means the EverlastingGirl
KhalilaKhalila means Best FriendGirl
KhalilahMeans Friend, CompanionGirl
KhaliqaKhaliqa means Well ManneredGirl
KhalisaKhalisa means True, PureGirl
KhalisahThe name means Sincere, PureGirl
KhalwatKhalwat means SolitudeGirl
KhamaKhama means Embodiment of ForgivenessGirl
KhanamKhanam means Rich WifeGirl
KhandanThe name means SmilingGirl
KhandraKhandra means Very BornGirl
KhanikaThe name means Noble CharacterGirl
KhannahA merciful woman.Girl
KhanomKhanom means Lady, Noble WomanGirl
KhanshaKhansha means Pug-NosedGirl
KhanumMeans Princess, Lady, WifeGirl
KhaperaiA girl as beautiful and dainty as a fairyGirl
KharaKhara means PureGirl
KharliaKharlia means Free manGirl
KhashiaThe name means HumbleGirl
KhashifaKhashifa name means DisclosingGirl
KhasibaKhasiba means Fertile WomanGirl
KhateebaKhateeba means OratorGirl
KhaterahThe name means MemoryGirl

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