34 Baby Girl Names That Start With Khu

KhudamahThe name means She will serveGirl
KhudeejaA girl who is born before she is due, early baby, or premature baby.Girl
KhudraKhudra means VerdancyGirl
KhujasstahThe name means He is of Royal BloodGirl
KhukiKhuki means Little GirlGirl
KhukumaniThe name means a Petitte GirlGirl
KhulaidahThe name means EverlastingGirl
KhulaifahThe name means SuccessorUnisex
KhulanOnager, wild donkey. It was the name of Genghis Khan's wife.Girl
KhulatKhulat means A friend and a LoverGirl
KhuldKhuld means Eternal ParadiseGirl
KhuloodKhulood means The Immortal OneGirl
KhuloudThe name means She will never dieGirl
KhuludImmortality; EternalGirl
Khun MaeThe honorable mother.Girl
KhunbishNot a human beingUnisex
KhurmiKhurmi means LeisureGirl
KhurshThe name means The Sun is ShiningUnisex
KhusbuKhusbu means ScentGirl
Khush BakhtProsperity, fortunate, or good luck.Girl
Khush BakhtaA girl with a happy luckGirl
KhushaliHappiness, one who brings happinessGirl
KhushbooThe name means FragranceGirl
KhushbuFragrant; Aromatic; Sweet Fragrance; Nice smellingGirl
KhushiKhushi name means She is Pleasure and HappinessGirl
KhushnudaThe name means The Girl is Happy and Full of DelightGirl
KhushnumaA woman with nice and pleasing appearance.Girl
KhusilaKhusila means She Who SmilesGirl
KhusmanaKhusmana She has a Joyfull MindGirl
KhuwailahThe name means Young and Little GazelleGirl
KhuyenThe name means To Give AdviceUnisex
KhuzaimahThe meaning of the name is Dragon TreeUnisex
KhuzamaKhuzama means Lavander and TulipGirl
KhuzaymahThe meaning of the name is a specific type of treee, known as a Dragon TreeUnisex

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