48 Baby Girl Names That Start With Kim

KimaKima means ButterflyGirl
KimaayraThe name means Golden MoonGirl
KimamaKimama means ButterflyGirl
KimaniKimani means One who is Beautiful and SweetGirl
KimatraKimatra means SeduceGirl
KimayaKimatya means Miracle, DivineGirl
KimbaKimbra means Brush FireGirl
KimbeccA assertive, humble and positive personGirl
KimberKimber means Royal FortressGirl
KimberieeKimberiee means From the Royal Fortress MeadowGirl
KimberieighName means Royal MeadowGirl
KimberleMeans From the Royal ForestGirl
KimberleaThe name means From the Royal MeadowGirl
KimberleeMeans Royal ForestGirl
KimberleighMeans Cyneburga's royal forestGirl
KimberleyKimberlez means From the Royal FortressGirl
KimberliKimberli means One from the Royal MeadowGirl
KimberlieKimberlie means Girl From The Royal MeadowGirl
KimberlinMeans Cyneburg's fieldGirl
KimberlyMeans From the wood of the royal forestGirl
KimberlynKimberlyn means From the Royal WoodsGirl
KimberlynnMeans From the Royal ForestGirl
KimberyKimbery means Royal WoodsGirl
KimbraKimbra means From the royal fortress meadowGirl
KimbriaA royal fortress or a meadowGirl
KimbriellaA person who is truly devotedGirl
KimbroKimbro means From the Royal FieldGirl
KimbroughThe name means From the royal meadowGirl
KimbyOne who came from the wood of the royal forestGirl
KimeryKimery originates from a name of the place called KymeGirl
KimeyaKimeya means Singing Throatunisex
KimiKimi means Beautiful StoryGirl
KimikaKimika means NobleGirl
KimikoMeans Valuable ChildGirl
KimimelaKimimela means ButterflyGirl
KimimilaKimimila means Dark skinnedGirl
KimishaA question form asking about the desires of a personGirl
KimiyaKimiya means AlchemyGirl
KimmKimm means Cyneburg's fieldGirl
KimmeyKimmey means Chiefunisex
KimmiKimmi means RighteousGirl
KimmieKimmie means Rock with DiamondsGirl
KimmyMeans From The Meadow Of The Royal FortressGirl
KimoniaMeans Great WomanGirl
KimoraKimora means From the Golden MeadowGirl
KimyaKimya means SilentGirl

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