93 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ko

KobraThe name means MajorGirl
KobrinaThe name means DominantGirl
KochavaKochava means StarGirl
KogantiOne who appreciates finer things in lifeGirl
KogeKoge means Scented FlowerGirl
KogonKogon means a Woman with ConfidenceGirl
KohakuKohaku means Amberunisex
Koharu (こはる)Koharu means Late SummerGirl
KohinoorThe name means Mountain of the LightGirl
KohitaOne who is like a wildflowerGirl
KohsoomLotus in Thai language.Girl
KoilaKoila means CharcoalGirl
KokabStar; Celestial BodyGirl
KokahaA diplomatic and pleasant individualGirl
KokilaKokila means NightingaleGirl
KokoKoko means Night, Black FootGirl
Kokoro (ココロ)Heart, Mind, Emotions, FeelingsGirl
KokumoThis one will not die.Girl
KolabA pretty rose flowerGirl
KolalaIs endowned with vitality, energy and emotionalGirl
KolambiKolambi means The Flute of Lord ShivaGirl
KolapoWealth is in abundance.Girl
KolawoleYoruba term meaning wealth has entered.Girl
KolbieKolbie means Coal TownGirl
KolbrunCoal or eyebrow.Girl
KolenaOld Greek - Pure; Torture; Form of KatherineGirl
KoletaKoletam means Little Victorious ArmyGirl
KoletteKolette means People of VictoryGirl
KoleynaKoleyna means Coughing FishGirl
KolfinnaA white ladyGirl
KolikaThe name means The Bud of a FlowerGirl
KolinaKolina means PureGirl
KolkaKolka means Stain, SpotGirl
KolourKolour means ColorGirl
KolthidaA noble-born womanGirl
KolynnOne who is responsible and stable mindedGirl
KomalKomal means Tender, SoftGirl
KomalataKomalata means CalmGirl
KomaliKomali means TenderGirl
KomaljotKomaljot means Peaceful,Sofr LightGirl
KomalroopThe name means Embodiment of piece and beautyGirl
KomolKomol means gentle, SoftGirl
KonalakaA beautiful and passionate personGirl
KonaliKonali means TenderGirl
KonchadyClever and deep minded individual; A cute, tidy and fantastic being; highly inspirationalGirl
KongkeaBig WaterGirl
KonilaKonila means Rich BeautyGirl
KonnieKonnie means Constant, SteadfastGirl
KonstantinaKonstantina mean Constant, StadyGirl
KonstanzKonstanz means ConsistentGirl
KopalKopal means A Rose BudGirl
KopishaAn intelligent and wise woman.Girl
KoraKora means CompanionGirl
KoralKoral means Coral, Deep PinkGirl
KoreKore name means MaidenGirl
KoredeA girl who has brought joy to the family.Girl
KoreeThe name means Near a HollowGirl
KorenKoren means MaidenGirl
KorenaKorena means GirlGirl
KoreneKorene name means FemaleGirl
KoribellaKoribella is mostly used as a surname, means Holder of the SpearUnisex
KorinKorin means a Warrior with a SpearGirl
KorinaKorina means Spear WarriorGirl
KorinnaThe name means Woman Warrior with a SpearGirl
KorinneKorinne Woman With a SpearGirl
KorneliaKornelia means HornsGirl
KorrineKorrine means She who Fights with a SpearGirl
KortneeKortnee means Person with a Short NoseGirl
KortneyOld French - Short nose; Domain of Curtius; domain of the short oneGirl
KorvaKorva means CowGirl
KoryKory means HollowUnisex
KosarachiTell it to God.Girl
KoshaKosha is a Name of a RiverGirl
KoshiKoshi means To TryGirl
KoshnaThe name means Energetic and ActiveGirl
KosikaIt is a name of a RIver in North IndiaGirl
KosukeKosuke means The Rising SunUnisex
KotaraKotara means On the Banks of the RiverGirl
KotiOne with stable and content mindGirl
KotihomaOne with easy going and pleasant personalityGirl
KotiraKotira means WonderGirl
KourtneeKourtnee means domain of the one who is ShortGirl
KourtneyThe name means From Courtenay, a Town in North FranceGirl
KourtnieKourtnie means Girl from the Town Courtenay in FranceGirl
KoushikaKoushika means Silk materialGirl
KoutherThe name means River that flows in ParadiseGirl
KowaisahThe name means The Pretty WomanGirl
KowkabStar; Celestial Body; A variant of name KokabGirl
KoyalKoyal means BirdGirl
KoyelKoyel means CuckooGirl
KoynaKoyna means The Cuckoo BirdGirl
KozueKozue means Chinesee Black Pine, a TreeGirl

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