56 Baby Girl Names That Start With Kri

KrichiaKrichia means She is of Noble BornGirl
KriciaKricia means Profit and WealthGirl
KrieKrie means I am Stronger than YouGirl
KrinaKrina means BeautifulGirl
KrintaniKrintani means A Cutting InstrumentGirl
KrintanikaThe name means Cutting instrumentGirl
KripaKripa means MercyGirl
Kripa compassionThe name means CompassionGirl
KripiKripi means Beautiful, LovelyGirl
KrisalynMeans Beautiful Bearer of ChristGirl
KrisangiThe name means Of a Delicate FrameGirl
KriseKrise means The One With Curly HairGirl
KrishaKrisha means DivineGirl
KrishadariThe meaning of the name is Thin WastedGirl
KrishiKrishi means Farming, AgricultureGirl
KrishnakaliKrishnakali means A FlowerGirl
KrishnaveniThe name means RiverGirl
Krisnarchithe name means FireGirl
KrisonKrison means Follower of JesusGirl
KrispyFresh, super crunchy, Spell variant of crispyGirl
KristaKrista means ChristianGirl
KristalKirstal means IceGirl
KristalenaThe name means SparklingGirl
KristalynThe name means SparkleGirl
KristeenThe name means ChristianGirl
KristeenaLatin - Christian Woman; A follower of Christ; A variant form of ChristinaGirl
KristelKristel means A ChristianGirl
KristenKristen means The one Who is The Follower of ChristGirl
KristenaMeans Jesus FollowerGirl
KristiKristi means Christ's FollowerGirl
KristiaKristia means She Who Follows ChristGirl
KristianaLatin - Christian Woman; A follower of Christ; A variant form of ChristinaGirl
KristianeKristiane means A Christian. One Who Loves ChristGirl
KristianiaThe name means The one who follows ChristGirl
KristiannaLatin - Christian Woman; A follower of Christ; A variant form of ChristinaGirl
KristianneLatin - Christian Woman; A follower of Christ; A variant form of ChristinaGirl
KristieKristie means Christian FollowerGirl
KristiinaKristiina means Follower of ChristGirl
KristinKristin means She Who Follows ChristGirl
KristinaA woman of Christian faithGirl
KristineA woman whose relgion is ChristianityGirl
KristinnShw who believes in ChristGirl
KristiyanaA Christian woman.Girl
KristjanaIcelandic form of Kristina, meaning follower of Christ.Girl
KristolA woman who is made of ice, or crystalsGirl
KristyA crystal-like womanGirl
KristyleAn ice-like womanGirl
KristynA follower of Christgirl
KristyneA christian girlGirl
KrisztinaShe who is a christianGirl
KritanjaliRespectfully and most humbely folded handGirl
KritantaGod of deathunisex
KritiA work of artGirl
KritikaA cluster of stars in constellation, Sic sisters from hindu mythologyGirl
KrittikaThe name means Plaids or A Star's NameGirl
KriziaKrizia means Richnes, WealthGirl

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