101 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ku

KuaybahA daughter of the Saad al-Asmaliyah who offered allegaence to Prophet PBUHGirl
KubraKubra means Great,Seniorgirl
KubreaKubrea means Older, Seniorgirl
KubriaKubria means Great,Oldergirl
KubwaKubwa means Largegirl
KuchasthalaThe name means A city where Krishna stayed the night on his way to the court of Dhritarashtra.girl
KuchikaThe name means Painter Brushgirl
KudesiaA pure person, a pure angelGirl
KufreabasiDo not forget God, one who always remembers God.Unisex
KuhakiThe name means EnchanterGirl
KuhakiniKuhakini means a Female MagicianGirl
KuhanOne who is diligent and persevering workerGirl
KuhelikaKuhelika means Fog, MistGirl
KuhooThe name means The Note of the CuckooGirl
KuhuMeans Cuckoo Bird SongGirl
KuhukThe name means Koyalia, BirdGirl
KujaKuja means Goddess DurgaGirl
KulabatiThe name means Belonging to the Respectable FamilyGirl
KulamaniMeans Jewel of the FamilyGirl
KulapThe flower rose.Girl
KulikaKulika means from a Good FamilyGirl
KuljotKuljot means Light of the FamilyGirl
KulminderThe name means King of the FamilyGirl
KulooqThe huge oneGirl
KulroopKulroop means Embodiment of FamilyGirl
KulsoomKilsoom means One who has Full Healthy CheeksGirl
KulsumKulsum means BeautifulGirl
KulthoomThe name means Daughter of the ProphetGirl
KulthumKulthoom means Prophet's DaughterGirl
KulusKulus means Clearness, PurityGirl
KulvinderKulvinder means Familily od the God of HeavenGirl
KulwinderThe name means Family of God and HeavenGirl
KumaKuma means Bearunisex
KumaniKumani means DestinyGirl
KumariKumari means PrincessGirl
KumariaThe name means A Princess, another name for the Lord DurgaGirl
KumbaKumba means Black Fruit Treeunisex
KumiKumi means Forever BeautifulGirl
KumikoKumiko means Companion ChildGirl
KumkumKumkum means VermilionGirl
KumudKumud means LotusGirl
KumudaKumuda means Pleasure of the Earth, LotusGirl
KumudiniKumudini means White Lotus. Moon LightGirl
KundaKunda means Jasmine BlossomGirl
KundalpurKandalpu is the name of The Wife of KrishnaGirl
KundanikaThe name means Girl of GoldGirl
KunikaThe name means Flower, JasminGirl
KunishaKunisha means means the bird NightingaleGirl
KunjKunj means Overgrown trees, AboutGirl

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