1564 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter L

Baby Girl Names Starts With L

Numerology states that the initial of a baby name can help parents understand the potential of their baby girl and the opportunities and obstacles she may face in future. Isn’t that fascinating? After all, who knew that a single letter could carry so much power in it. Below MomJunction has thrown light on the personality traits and drawbacks of names starting with the letter L.

The letter L, equivalent to number three in numerology represents action, creativity, and communication. Girls with this letter in their name are cheeky, charismatic, sociable, and fun lovers. They love life to its core and keep sharing the enthusiasm of living with everyone around them. They are even adaptable to changes and wish to stay in bright and colorful surroundings.

But on the downside, L girls can be clumsy and even accident prone. So you’ll have to take good care of your daughter.

Below is MomJunction's list of beautiful baby girl names starting with the letter L for you to peruse as you finalize one for your daughter. And no, we’re not just talking about common names such as Laura, Linda, and Layla. There are hundreds of other beauties, which you may have never heard of before. So take a look!

LumbikaA Musical InstrumentGirl
LumenA portion of LightGirl
LumexTo cast light on somethingGirl
LumiA woman white and cold as SnowGirl
LuminaBright as a SunshineGirl
LuminitaLittle light.Girl
LuminosaShe who is full of light and brightnessGirl
LumusiOne who is born face downward.Girl
LunaMoon, one of the name of the Moon GoddesGirl
LunahMuslim name that means Date PalmGirl
LunaninaShe who is like a MoonGirl
LunaraKazakh short form of Gulnara It means flower, rose and pomegranateGirl
LunashaA flower's beauty and brightnessGirl
LunetA little, small MoonGirl
LuneteAn image or an idolGirl
LunetteA shape of the MoonGirl
LuniSalty, SpicyGirl
LuoChenese name that means CamelUnisex
LupeRiver of the WolfGirl
LupicaA name given for a Bird; practicalGirl
LupinFrom latin word "lupinus" meanin WolfUnisex
LupitaOur Lady od GuadalupeGirl
LuraA Germanic Siren who lives in the river RhoneGirl
LuriaA brave lionessGirl
LurleneTemptress, an enchanting womanGirl
LurlineA woman who is an enchantnessGirl
LusiaA child born at the daybreakGirl
LusineShe is mysterious like a MoonGirl
LusyModern variation of Lucia means lightGirl
LutessaShe who harvestesGirl
LutfanaA womanwho is kind and always helpfulGirl
LutfiaA courteous, kind and delicate personGirl
LutfiyaA woman who is kind, delicate and full of graceGirl
LutfiyahA woman of elegance and graceGirl
LutfiyyaDelicate woman who is of kind characterGirl
LutfunnisaA grace that is found in womenGirl
LuthandoAfrican name meaning Love and AdorationUnisex
LutsiLutsi is a form of Lucy and means light.Girl
LuuechildA light hearted, understanding and hard workingGirl
LuuedayAn organized, able and expressive beingGirl
LuuedeiOne who is eager for knowledgeGirl
LuvedayA day of reconsiliation, making peaceUnisex
LuveniaAncestor of roman peopleGirl
LuviaA girl who is deeply lovedGirl
LuviannaWoman who is loved honestlyGirl
LuvinaCherised and adored little oneGirl
LuviniaMother of the Roman peopleGirl
LuvisaA legendary fighter in the warsGirl
LuvynaA person with a bright mindGirl
LuyuOne who is like a Wild DoveGirl
LuzaShe is the Lady of the lightGirl
LuzettaForm of Lucy, means LightGirl
LuziDerived from Spanish word luz meaning lightGirl
LuziaThe one who was born at daybreakGirl
LuzianaOur lady of lightGirl
LuzmariaA combination of Luz and Maria.Girl
LuzvimindaMythological Roman Goddess of Childbirth and Giver of First Light to NewbornsGirl
LwitaFriend or companion.Girl
LyA meadowGirl
LyannaGod has answered or Girl who has a pretty faceGirl
LyazzatSweet, pleasant, beautifulGirl
LydaA small winged oneGirl
LydiaLydia was a region on the west coast of Asia MinorGirl
LydieA Maiden from Lydia, GreeceGirl
LygiaA whistling voiceGirl
LykkeOf good fortune, happy oneGirl
LylaA Girl from an islandGirl
LylahA dark beautyGirl
LyliannA flower symbolising purity and resurrectionGirl
LylieA lily flowerGirl
LyllaThe island GirlGirl
LylliannGirl from the islandsGirl
LynaA ray of sunGirl
LynaeA small blue flowerGirl
LyndaA beautiful snake; linden treeGirl
LyndallA beautiful lime treeGirl
LyndeA gentle personUnisex
LyndeeVariation of Lynde, a tender, gentle personGirl
LyndenBiblical name, a teil treeUnisex
LyndiA beautifully grown linden tree; SerpentGirl
LyndsayOne who is from the linden tree islandGirl
LyndseeA settlement near the lakeGirl
LyndseiA colony by the lakeGirl
LyndseyA lake where the linden trees growGirl
LyndsiVariation of Lindsay meaning from the linden tree islandGirl
LyndsieAn island of lime treesGirl
LyndzaiAn independent and organized personGirl
LyndzayOne from the island of linden treesGirl
LyndzeaA linden treeGirl
LyndzeeAn island of lime treesGirl
LyndzeiA freedom loving, quick witted personGirl
LyndzeyAnother name for Lincon islandUnisex
LyndziA settlement by the lakeGirl
LyndzyOne from a town LindsayGirl
LyneeAn IlluminationGirl
LynelleWelsh given name meaning idolGirl
LynessA lionessGirl

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