1570 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter L

Baby Girl Names Starts With L

Numerology states that the initial of a baby name can help parents understand the potential of their baby girl and the opportunities and obstacles she may face in future. Isn’t that fascinating? After all, who knew that a single letter could carry so much power in it. Below MomJunction has thrown light on the personality traits and drawbacks of names starting with the letter L.

The letter L, equivalent to number three in numerology represents action, creativity, and communication. Girls with this letter in their name are cheeky, charismatic, sociable, and fun lovers. They love life to its core and keep sharing the enthusiasm of living with everyone around them. They are even adaptable to changes and wish to stay in bright and colorful surroundings.

But on the downside, L girls can be clumsy and even accident prone. So you’ll have to take good care of your daughter.

Below is MomJunction's list of beautiful baby girl names starting with the letter L for you to peruse as you finalize one for your daughter. And no, we’re not just talking about common names such as Laura, Linda, and Layla. There are hundreds of other beauties, which you may have never heard of before. So take a look!

LaleLove as perfect as a Red Tupil flowerGirl
LalehThe ever-lasting love which the red tupil flowers symbolisesGirl
LaliaWell-spoken and articulate individual who is god with wordsGirl
LalimaA beautiful glow of the reddish, morning skyGirl
LalitaAn elegant, gracious woman of great beautyGirl
LalitamohanaPerson of appealing and attractive featuresGirl
LalithaWoman of immence beauty and radiating elleganceGirl
LalmaA piece of land that defends only on rainGirl
LamaA person of Dark LipsGirl
LamahPerson who posseses the qualities of Brillinace, Cleverness and ExcellenceGirl
LamaiOne of soft skin and nautre, a caring personGirl
LamaraBitter, leave your traceGirl
LambA person with a young mindUnisex
LambertaFemale version of Lambert, meaning Bright LandGirl
LambodaraIndian female name that means A huge bellied LordGirl
LameesSoft to the TouchGirl
LameseShe who is Soft to the TouchGirl
LamiHidden, Out of SightGirl
LamiaAn evil Spirit who adbucts and murders Children; Daughter of PoseidonGirl
LamijaOne with a shining, glowing personality.Girl
LamisSoft to TouchGirl
LamitaSlim Girl; A CreeperGirl
LamiyaDark lipped womanGirl
LamornaName of a place in Cornwall.Girl
LamyaOne who has dark lips.Girl
Lamya'Dark lipped GirlGirl
LamziraSacred place or a place for prayingGirl
LanFrom Chinesee orchide and mountain mistGirl
LanaVariation of Alan, which means Little rock, Harmony, or ConcordGirl
LanahAlternate form of Alana, precious; awakeningGirl
LanaiTerrace; Veranda; Floating boatGirl
LandaThe white sea bird.Girl
LandraCounselor, She who gives adviceGirl
LandradaThe advice giver, counselorGirl
LandreeThe one who comes of the rough terrainGirl
LandrieName that describes people who live on rough terrainGirl
LandryThe one who rules the landunisex
LanelleVersion of the name Lane, meaning path, long meadowGirl
LaneshaThe woman who is strongGirl
LanetteFair, good looking womanGirl
LaneyRoadway, path from the meadowGirl
LanghiueLasting Life, the one who is tallGirl
LanghuieLong life, the lasting oneGirl
LangiTongan word for heaven.Girl
Langit HumasñaShe is alone in heavenGirl
LanglauaAn angel who once inhabited in EnglandUnisex
LangleighFrom the old meadowGirl
LanglivaShe who has been gifted the long lifeGirl

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