37 Baby Girl Names That Start With Lak

LakeciaLakecia means WomanGirl
LakeeshaLakeesha means HappyGirl
LakeishaLakeisha means JoyfulGirl
LakelynLakelyn means Beautiful LakeGirl
LakenFrom the Lakeunisex
LakendraGreatest ChampionGirl
LakenyaFrom KenyaGirl
LakeshaJoyful, HappyGirl
LakeshiaJoyous, LivelyGirl
LakeyshaAlive and Well; Cassia treeGirl
Lakhiname of Goddess LaxmiGirl
LakhminderLord of Hundred ThousandGirl
LakhroopMost Charming Among Hundred ThousandGirl
LakhshaWhite Rose; AimGirl
LakhsmiWife of VishnuGirl
LakhwinderLoved by Many; Ruler of Hundred Thousand PeopleGirl
LakiaOne who is born on TuesdayGirl
LakiciaShe who is a Favorite among peopleGirl
LakieshaTo be alive and wellGirl
LakishaA woman who is full of joy and happinessGirl
LakitaThe treasure that is foundGirl
LakitiaWoman, a FemaleGirl
LakkenA person who comes from the still watersGirl
LakonaA woman who lives near still watersGirl
LakotaAllies, a person considered as a friend. Name comes from the Indian tribes Sioux and LakotaGirl
LakreshaProfit or profitableGirl
LakshaThe name that represents the beauty and purity of a white roseGirl
LakshakiThe name of the Goddes SitaGirl
LakshanaOpportune and andventageous personGirl
LakshaniShe who is nice with everyone.Girl
LakshanyaA person who achieves the goalsUnisex
LakshithaShe who is distinguished.Girl
LakshmaniName of the Goddes of prosperity and luck. A person who has a sign or a mark of prosperity and luckGirl
Lakshmi shreeA fortunate and person who is blessed with good luckGirl
LakynShe who comes from the lake or a body of waterGirl

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