32 Baby Girl Names That Start With Lav

LavadaAn individual who is purified and clensed, of pure soulGirl
LavaliAromatic flower buds of the plant cloveGirl
LavangiFlower buds of the Clove plantGirl
LavaniGraceful, charming and lovely individualGirl
LavanyaBeauty; Good Looking;Girl
LavaughanThe small or the little of somethingUnisex
LaveAn individual who has power, authorithy and colntrolUnisex
LavedaA wise and purified personGirl
LavelleA person of clensed and purified soulGirl
LavenaThe wife of a Toyan Hero who named the city Lavena after herGirl
LavenderA flower with purple leaves, a Color of the Lavender flowerGirl
LaveniTongan word for the lavender shrub.Girl
LaveniaA Roman Woman, name that was popular in Ancient RomeGirl
LavenitaThe lavender scent.Girl
LaveraA truthful individualGirl
LavergneA name that is given to those born in the springGirl
LavernA land of trees, WoodlandUnisex
LavernaA person who is borned in the spring seasonGirl
LaverneGoddes of thieves in Italian loreGirl
LavetaCleansed and Clean womanGirl
LaveyBrought together, Joined, an Union of two peopleUnisex
LavikaThat Matters; Grace; Elegance; BeautyGirl
LavinaA Woman of ancient RomeGirl
LavinahA Woman who lived in the city RomeGirl
LavindeepA person with bright and prosperous futureGirl
LaviniaPlace name of the ancient City of LaviniumGirl
LavleenAn individual wrapped in the adoration of GodGirl
LavonGerman word for yew treesUnisex
LavondaVarious sieces of jew trees and shrubsGirl
LavonneJew trees and shrubsGirl
LavraOne crowned with a crown of laurel tree leavesGirl
LavyrleA person who came into the world in the springGirl

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