17 Baby Girl Names That Start With Lay

LayaanA softness and gentleness of a womanGirl
LayacnaHis or her sailUnisex
LayahA form of Leah, meaning cow.Girl
LayalDark hours of the day, NightGirl
LayaliAfter the Sun sets down, night timeGirl
LayanA tender and soft GirlGirl
LayceResembling the lace materialGirl
LayciSomething that is lace-likeGirl
LaycieDerived the french surname "Lacey"Girl
LayinaA resilen, tender and delicate personGirl
LaylaNigh time in Arabic. Layla and Qays are a popular romatic stroy in Persia and ArabiaGirl
LaylahA person who is born in a nighttimeGirl
LaylonNames Lacey (lace-like) and Dyllon (loyal) put together.Girl
LaylyThe meaning of the name is NightGirl
LaynaA person who is truthful and always honestGirl
LaynieThe Light of telling the truthGirl
LayyinA Girl who is soft and delicateGirl

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