18 Baby Girl Names That Start With Let

LetaA hidden and forgoten treausureGirl
LeteA petitte but strong and cheerful womanGirl
LethaA person who tends to forget things, absent personGirl
LethaboHappiness, RejoiceUnisex
LethiaOne with an absent mind and bad memoryGirl
LetiaA forgetful and absent-minded individualGirl
LeticeA joyous, happy and merry personGirl
LeticiaA person who spreads joy and happinesGirl
LetitiaAn upbeat and joyous personaGirl
LetizFrom the name Letizia, means a happiness and joyGirl
LetiziaOne who brings happiness and joy to othersGirl
LetselinaOne who brings out the happiness in peopleGirl
LettaA feeling of great happiness and satisfactionGirl
LetteA feeling of great pleasure and joyGirl
LettiA cheerful, charming and delightful GirlGirl
LetticeA wonderful, delightful and joyful personaGirl
LettieA person full of joy and delightGirl
LettyOne who is glee and blissfulGirl

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