396 Baby Girl Names That Start With Li

LiChinesee name meaning logicunisex
Li huaPear blossomGirl
Li JingLi means Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Beautiful, Jing means Quiet, Still, Gentle, Essence, Spirit, Clear, CrystalGirl
Li meiBeautiful plum flowerGirl
Li mingone who is pretty and brigthGirl
Li NaLi means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Na means Elegant, Graceful, DelicateGirl
Li XiuLi means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Xiu means Develop, Luxuriant, Beautiful, Elegant, OutstandingGirl
LiaA weary mistress or rulerGirl
LiaaqatA fit person with athletic abilitiesGirl
LiadainA lady of grey hairGirl
LiadanA woman of grey hairGirl
LiadawnA grey lady from Irish folkloreGirl
LianShe who is graceful as a willow, a lotus flowerGirl
LianaTo be bound by vines; A lady that glows; My God has answeredGirl
LianeA binding relationship between two peopleGirl
LiangA feeling of elevation; A light of lighrUnisex
LiannaA God's anwer to the prayers, to see GodGirl
LianneA bond of youth and beautyGirl
LianourOne who brings light to the worldGirl
LiaqatA capable and fit personGirl
LiathA hebrew name meaning "You are mine"Girl
LibAn Oath, a promise made to the GodUnisex
LibaThe one who is the most beautiful of them allGirl
LibbaA pledge made to the Heavenly FatherGirl
LibbeFrom Hebrew elisheba, meaning God is my OathGirl
LibbeeAn Oath that is made to the GodGirl
LibbiA Vow that is made to the GodGirl
LibbieI pledge my life to the LordGirl
LibbyA person who made an Oath to the GodGirl
LibelleA name of German origins that means DragonflyGirl
LiberaTo live life in liberty and freedomGirl
LiberataA liberated, free-spirited personGirl
LibertaA felling of freedom and independenceGirl
LibertadA Spanish word meaning LibertyGirl
LibertyFreedom, independence, liberationUnisex
LibitinaRoman Goddes of funerals and deathGirl
LibiyaA person whose heart belongs to GodGirl
LibkeA loved one.Girl
LibniWhiteness, Paleness, a colour WhiteGirl
LiboriaTo be a free womanGirl
LibraA sign of zodiac, represents equalityGirl
LichaA honorable person who is nobleGirl
LichahDignified and honorable personaGirl
LichuenLight, the one who spreads light.Unisex
LiciaDelightfull person with a happy personlaityGirl
LictinaCobination of names, means Delightful and a ChristianGirl
LidaA person from Lydia, a region in Asia MinorGirl
LiddellA place name from a region in England and is also a river nameUnisex
LiddieGod is my pomiseGirl
LiddyA promise that a person has made to the GodGirl
LideweiPeople who are considered holy and sacredGirl
LidiA person of honorable character, one who is nobleGirl
LidiaA person who is from Lydia, that is a Greek word for a region in AsiaGirl
LidianA woman from an ancient Kingdom of LydiaGirl
LidiannA woman who came from LydiaGirl
LidijaShe who is from an ancient Kingdom of LydiaGirl
LidiyaOne who comes from ancient Lydia in Asian MinorGirl
LidmilaPeople who are graciousGirl
LidoineName of Cavalon's daughter.Girl
LiduvinaA person who is a friend of the villafeGirl
LidwinaOne who is a friend of all peopleGirl
LidyaA Girl whose origins are in ancient Kingdom LydiaGirl
LiegeGentle and smooth.Girl
LiekeA Girl who is angel-likeGirl
LienOne who posesses the bauty and pureness of a Lotus flowerGirl
LienaA woman as beautiful as a Lotus FloweGirl
LieneMaiden or virginGirl
LiennaA beauty and grace of a Lotus flowerGirl
LiesaMy loyalty lies with GodGirl
LiesbetGod is in an oath I madeGirl
LiesbethI find God in a pledge I made to himGirl
LieschenThe perfection can be found only in GodGirl
LieseMy God is abundanceGirl
LieseiAbundance can be found in GodGirl
LieselI find abundance in my GodGirl
LieselotteContraction of Lise- My God is my Oath, and Charlotte - A warriorGirl
LiesiA person who finds God in the OathGirl
LieslOne who finds God in an Oath, Promise or a PledgeGirl
LieuA Willow TreeGirl
LieveA Woman with a heart as brave as a Lion'sGirl
LiezelMy God is bountiful, My God is in my OathGirl
LiezlA bounty, a pledge, an oath made to a GodGirl
LifLife, To existGirl
LigardaA conservative, creative and idealistic individualGirl
LigayaGoddes of the Earth, a person who loves earthGirl
LigeiaName of the Siren in a Greek legend. A Woman of a beutiful, Clear VoiceGirl
LightningA bolt, a lighting in the skyUnisex
LightonA place name from a Yorkshire in North England, mostly used as a surnameUnisex
LigiaA woman with a shrill voice, name of the SirensGirl
LihShe is mine in HebrewGirl
LihiThis woman belongs to meGirl
LiiaMy god is a perfictionGirl
LiiliLiili means lily flower.Girl
LiiliaLiilia is Estonian form of Lily and means lily flower.Girl
LiinaA warrior of the armyGirl
LiisLiis is the short form of Eliisabet and means my God is an oath.Girl
LiisaI find my God in an OathGirl
LiisiLiisi is a short form of Elizabeth. It means my God is an oath.Girl

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