396 Baby Girl Names That Start With Li

LiisuEstonian diminutive of Eliisabet. It means my God is an oath.Girl
LijuBeautiful and idealistic personGirl
LikemEstablish meUnisex
LilShort form of the name Lily, meaning purity and beautyGirl
LilaShe who belongs to the peopleGirl
LilabatiA charming and playful individualGirl
LilacName of a flowering pale-purple shrubGirl
LilahNight beauty, seductive oneGirl
LilainaVariation of the name Lily, name of the flowerGirl
LilavatiPlayful person, name of Goddess DurgaGirl
LilePerson from the islandGirl
LileasScottish variation of name LilyGirl
LiliOath of God; Flower lilyGirl
LiliaVariation of the name Lily, flower name symbolising purityGirl
LilianThe pure one, flower lilyGirl
LilianaName of the flower lily, pure and innocent personGirl
LilianeSymbol of innocence and beautyGirl
LiliannaCombination of names Lily and AnnaGirl
LilianneFrom the name of the flower lily, pure and beautifulGirl
LiliasRare variation of the name Lily, from flower nameGirl
LilibetAlternate from Elizabeth, meaning God is my oathGirl
LilibethShort form of name Elisabeth, meaning God is my oathGirl
LilidhScottish variation of name Lily, name of the flower lilyGirl
LilieLily flower, symbo of purityGirl
LilienVariation of the name Lilion, from Latin name of the flower lilyGirl
LilienneForm of the name Lily, symbol of purityGirl
LilihaDescribing someone who is angry and disregardedGirl
LilijaIcelandic form of Lily, meaning pure.Girl
LilijanaSlavic variation of names Lily and ElisabethGirl
LilikaLatin name for flower lilyGirl
LilikeHungarian word for flower lilyGirl
LilingChinesee name , combination ow white jasmine and to tinkleGirl
LilionLatin name after the flower lily, meaning pureGirl
LiliosaSpanish variant of name LilyGirl
LilisOf the nightGirl
LilitSpirit of the night, GhostGirl
LilitaFlower lilyGirl
LilithPerson of the night, in Assyrian myth this was the name of a demonGirl
LiliumLatin word meaning lilyGirl
LiliwenA blessed white Lily; wonderfulGirl
LiliyaRussian cognate og Lily, folwer lilyGirl
LiljaScandinavian name for flower lilyGirl
LiljaLilja is a variant of Lilija and means lily flower.Girl
LiljanaMacedonian form of the name LilyGirl
LilkaPolish for name LilyGirl
LillNordic short version for Elisabet, meaning God is my oathGirl
LillaShort form of Elizabeth, meaning God is satisfactionGirl
LillahVariation of name Bethia, meaning daughter or worshipper of GodGirl
LillemorLittle mother, Danish nameGirl
LilliShort for Lilith, meaning of the nightGirl
LilliaFrom the name Lillian, meaning lily flowerGirl
Lilliahsymbol of purityGirl
LillianFrom the name of the flower lily, symbol for pure beautyGirl
LillianaVariation of the name Lily, name of the flower that symbolises purtiyGirl
LillianeImmaculate, pureGirl
LilliannFrom the name of the flower lily, symbol for beauty and purityGirl
LilliannaCombination of the names Lily and AnneGirl
LilliasAfter the flower lily; pureGirl
LillibetAlternate from Elizabeth, meaning God is my oathGirl
LillieDeminutive of Lilian, flower lilyGirl
LilliellaFrom name Lillie, flower lilyGirl
LilliennaCombination of names Lillie and AnnaGirl
LillienneVariation of name Lillie, from flower named lily, symbol of purityGirl
LillisGreek name for the flower lilyGirl
LillithShe who belongs to the nightGirl
LillyLilly as a Lily flower, pure and beautiful oneGirl
LillyanaLong version of the flower name lilyGirl
LiloPerson who is generous and givingUnisex
LilouOccitan pet form of French LilianeGirl
LiluyeSoaring singing hawkGirl
LilyFlower lilyGirl
Lilysymbol of purityGirl
LilyanFrom the name of the flower lily, symbol of purityGirl
LilyanaVaritation of the name Lily, flower symbolising beauty and purityGirl
LilyannaAlternate form of Liliane, after flower lilyGirl
LilyanneCombination of the names Lily and AnneGirl
LilybellBlend of names Lily and Elizabeth, meaning purity, innocence and God is bountfulGirl
LilybelleFrench form of names Lily and Elizabeth, meaning God of plenty and innocenceGirl
LilybethLily and Elizabeth, English nameGirl
LimaName of the Goddess of tresholdGirl
LimeesSomething that's tender, delicate and soft to touch.Girl
LimitlessOne who has no limitsUnisex
Limorto exchange, to tradeGirl
LimpaA person who has thoughtful natureGirl
LinChinesee name meaning beautiful jade; forestGirl
LinaPerson who is tender and delicateGirl
LinaeveSinging tree; Tree of songGirl
LincyIndian nameGirl
LindaBeautiful woman; SerpentGirl
LindaelPerson who lives near the valley of linden treesGirl
LindeA soft and gentle person with an extremly friendly personalityGirl
LindelShe who lives where the linden trees growGirl
LindellA woman who lives near linden treesGirl
LindiA woman whose beauty can be compared to a Linden treeGirl
LindieA coinage of the Linden tree, also means Beautiful in SpanishGirl
LindisfarneA name of a tidal island in England, known as a Holy IslandUnisex
LindiweA person who has waited a long time, patient personGirl
LindleeOne who comes from the Lime woodsUnisex

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