396 Baby Girl Names That Start With Li

LisajoOne who is from the linden tree meadowGirl
LisallaA sensitive and quick individualGirl
Lisanamy God is perfectionGirl
LisandraHe who is a protector of mankind, short for AlexandraGirl
LisannDutch name combining Lisa and AnneGirl
LisannaAmerican variation of name Elizabeth, short Lisa + AnnaGirl
LisanneCombination of Lisa and AnneGirl
LisanorName from Arthurian legend, mother of Lohot by ArthurGirl
LisbetNordic variation of the name ElizabethGirl
LisbeteGod is perfectionGirl
LisbethDiminutive of Bethia, a New Testament village near JerusalemGirl
LiseSwedish form of the name LisaGirl
LiselGod is my oathGirl
LiseliLight, one who shines brightGirl
LiselleShort from Elizabeth, God is my oathGirl
LiselottShe devoted herself to GodGirl
LiselotteShe who is pledged to GodGirl
LisethNordic variation of the name Elizabeth meaning pledged to GodGirl
LisettShe who is pledged to GodGirl
LisettaPerson who is Devoted to GodGirl
LisetteThe one who is pledged to GodGirl
LishaOne who is of noble sortGirl
LislGod is my oathGirl
LismelyAn ignited and wonderful scholarGirl
LisnaGrace of a womanGirl
LisonGod is perfectionGirl
LissOne who is of good luckGirl
LissaAfrican mythology name, supreme mother goddessGirl
LissandreLiberating womanGirl
LissaniA capable and independent individualGirl
LisseGod's promiseGirl
LissetteModern American nameGirl
LissiannaHoly, sacred to GodGirl
LissieRational personGirl
LissyOne who is from the blessed islesGirl
LiswiniA beautiful woman.Girl
LitaJoyful GirlGirl
LithanyPrayer in ceremonyGirl
LithikaCute, perfect personGirl
LityaThe one who is happyGirl
LityatiThe one who shares happinessGirl
LitzySpanish name describing joyGirl
LiuChinesee word for flowingGirl
LiueteA woman who is one with the peopleGirl
LiueuaA person having versatile and happy natureGirl
LiuildaOne who has many desiresGirl
LiuithaEfficient and capable personGirl
LiuiuaOne who admiers nature and oudoorsGirl
LivAn Old Norse word that means LifeGirl
LivanaThe colour White, WhitenessGirl
LiveA protector and defender of lifeGirl
LivelyEnergetic, forceful and dynamic personUnisex
LiviNickname of Olivia and represents a symbol of peaceGirl
LiviaAn envious person; color blueGirl
LivianOne who is a symbol of pease. Name of a Shakespearean characterGirl
LivianaA jealous and resentful womanGirl
LiviannaA woman who evies others or a color blueGirl
LividA furious person with an angry personalityUnisex
LivieColor BlueGirl
LivienneA woman of envious personalityGirl
LivierA jealous and envious womanGirl
LivildaPerson who gladly goes to a battleGirl
LivinaA Friend who is deeply loved and admiredGirl
LivithAn individual who gladly participates in battlesGirl
LiviyaA woman who is considered a Lioness of the LordGirl
LivleenA woman consumed in her love of GodGirl
LivroopShe who is an embodiment of God's LoveGirl
LivvyFrom the name Olive, a symbol of peaseGirl
LivyNickname of Olivia, a peaseful personGirl
LixuePretty and pure as a snowGirl
LiyaShe is one with the GodGirl
LiyahA person who is often tired and wearyGirl
LiyanaA tender and delicate womanGirl
LiyoniThe origin of writing.Girl
LizAn Oath of GodGirl
LizaA woman whose life is dedicated to God's worshipGirl
LizabetaA woaman who is consecrated to GodGirl
LizabethShe who worships GodGirl
LizahayatiA Grace of a WomanGirl
LizandraOne who defends the mankindGirl
LizannAn ornament that shines brightGirl
LizanneA bright glowing ornamentGirl
LizbetA woman who devoted herself to GodGirl
LizbethShe devoted her life to the LordGirl
LizeLives her life by the Oath made to GodGirl
LizethShe is devoted to honor an Oath made to the GodGirl
LizetteHer life is her Oath to GodGirl
LizinaShe is blessed to serve the GodGirl
LizzA woman hallowed by the Oath made to GodGirl
LizzaA brightly shinning decoration, ornamentGirl
LizzetMy God is a VowGirl
LizzetteMy God is in my VowGirl
LizziDevoted to the Vow made to the GodGirl
LizzieHonoring her Oath to the GodGirl
LizzyWoman who Pledged to the GodGirl

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