42 Baby Girl Names That Start With Lis

LisScandinavian name meaning God is my oathGirl
LisaOne who is devoted to GodGirl
LisabetVariation of Elizabeth, one pedged to GodGirl
LisabetaNorse variation of name ElizabethGirl
LisabethAbbrevation of Elizabeth, devoted to GodGirl
LisabetteShe who is devoted to GodGirl
LisajoOne who is from the linden tree meadowGirl
LisallaA sensitive and quick individualGirl
Lisanamy God is perfectionGirl
LisandraHe who is a protector of mankind, short for AlexandraGirl
LisannDutch name combining Lisa and AnneGirl
LisannaAmerican variation of name Elizabeth, short Lisa + AnnaGirl
LisanneCombination of Lisa and AnneGirl
LisanorName from Arthurian legend, mother of Lohot by ArthurGirl
LisbetNordic variation of the name ElizabethGirl
LisbeteGod is perfectionGirl
LisbethDiminutive of Bethia, a New Testament village near JerusalemGirl
LiseSwedish form of the name LisaGirl
LiselGod is my oathGirl
LiseliLight, one who shines brightGirl
LiselleShort from Elizabeth, God is my oathGirl
LiselottShe devoted herself to GodGirl
LiselotteShe who is pledged to GodGirl
LisethNordic variation of the name Elizabeth meaning pledged to GodGirl
LisettShe who is pledged to GodGirl
LisettaPerson who is Devoted to GodGirl
LisetteThe one who is pledged to GodGirl
LishaOne who is of noble sortGirl
LislGod is my oathGirl
LismelyAn ignited and wonderful scholarGirl
LisnaGrace of a womanGirl
LisonGod is perfectionGirl
LissOne who is of good luckGirl
LissaAfrican mythology name, supreme mother goddessGirl
LissandreLiberating womanGirl
LissaniA capable and independent individualGirl
LisseGod's promiseGirl
LissetteModern American nameGirl
LissiannaHoly, sacred to GodGirl
LissieRational personGirl
LissyOne who is from the blessed islesGirl
LiswiniA beautiful woman.Girl

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