213 Baby Girl Names That Start With Lo

LoA deminutive of Dolores and means SorrowGirl
LoaStorm cloudsGirl
LoanaGood lightGirl
LobaSharing a conversation, talkingUnisex
LobeliaA flower, known as lobeliasGirl
LocavaThe writings of the GodGirl
LochanThe eye, one who seesUnisex
LochanaGirl with bright eyesGirl
LochaniOne with bright eyes.Girl
LochellenThe one from Ellen's lakeGirl
Locketpendant, ornamentGirl
LocklynLand of the lakesGirl
LodemaGuide, the one who shows the wayGirl
LodimaEnglish name for a guideGirl
LodymaGuide, escort; occupational name for pilotGirl
LodziaGreek name describing brightnessGirl
LoeHawaiian word for kingUnisex
LoeliaArabic variation of the name Leila meaning night, darkGirl
LoellaName describing foreign warriorGirl
LoftenOwners of the loft houseUnisex
LogaratchagiA woman with bright eyes.Girl
LohavaraA person who is responsible and stableGirl
LohiniA person with a red skinGirl
LohinikaA considerate and loving individualGirl
LohitaRed ruby, Goddes Lakshni in the form of ironGirl
LohitakaRed gem, rubyGirl
LohithaOne of many names of Goddess LakshmiGirl
LoiChinesee word for thunderGirl
LoidaSomeone who is faithfulGirl
LoisOne who is holyGirl
LoisaSpanish name describing something holyGirl
LoiseFamous for her battlesGirl
Loka priyaLustrous personGirl
Lokajananiname of Goddess Laxmi, mother of the worldGirl
Lokamatriname of Goddess Lakshmi, mother of the worldGirl
LokshitaThe one who prays for the worldGirl
LolaSpanish name describing strong womanGirl
LoladeGod is with you.Girl
LoletaGermanic name for free womanGirl
LolettaVariation of name Charlotte; free woman, maidenGirl
LolitaForm of name Dolores,meaning famous bearer; SorrowGirl
LolittaSpanish name meaning manlyGirl
LolliaDerived from latin Laurus, laurel treeGirl
LollieNordic name for sorrowGirl
LollyLatin name for emerald or laurel plantGirl
LoloOld Greek word for lotus flowerGirl
LolooName given for pearls or gems found in an oceanGirl
LolotteOld Greek name for maiden, virginGirl
LoloviviLove is always thereUnisex
LomaA small hillGirl

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