68 Baby Girl Names That Start With Lor

LoraSpanish for FlowerGirl
LorahA woman who is as beautiful as a flowerGirl
LorainaA place name. A woman who comes from a French province LorraineGirl
LoraineWoman from LorraineGirl
LoralaiName of the Siren of German legends, who sat on the rock and lured sailors to their deaths.Girl
LoraleeAn alluring woman who sings and lures manGirl
LoraleiOne whose singing lures man to their destructionGirl
LoralieA siren whose singing lures man to their deathGirl
LoralynA woman whose beautiful song leads man to destrucionGirl
LorandaShe who wears a crown of laurel leavesGirl
LorannaA woman who is honorable and victoriusGirl
LorayneA name of the province in FranceGirl
LorcaA place name of the region Navarre in SpainUnisex
Lord shivaA Hindu God, Lord ShivaUnisex
LoreShort of Eleanor, means The Other AenorGirl
LoredanaCreated name by George Sand, based on a Venetian surname LoredanGirl
LoreeA person young and beautiful as a flower blossomGirl
LoreenA lurel tree whose branches are symbols of Honor and VictoryGirl
LoreenaA safety of the harborGirl
LoreeneA cworn of laurel tree leaves, a symbol of Honor and VictoryGirl
LorelaiA siren who sings and lures man to their deathsGirl
LoreleiA woman whose songs makes man drown, a sirenGirl
LoreleyA song of the beautiful woman that leads man to deathGirl
LoreliiA luring rock in the Rhine RiverGirl
LorellaA Siren from the River RhineGirl
LorelleLaurel BayGirl
LorelottePet form of Charlotte that means feminineGirl
LorenFrom Laurel, means a man from LaurentumUnisex
LorenaA traveler from the ancient LaurentumGirl
LorendaShe who is victorius and honorableGirl
LoreneA woman who is from ancient region LaurentumGirl
LoreniaA woman who symoblises Honor and VictoryGirl
LorennaA Laurel tree a representation of Honor and VictoryGirl
LorenzaA female who came from Italian city LaurentumGirl
LoretaA town in ancient Itali, LaurentumGirl
LorettaA Girl who was born in ancient LaurentumGirl
LoretteA Girl whose origins are from ancient LaurentumGirl
LoreyA laurel plan that is a symbol of Honor and VoctoryGirl
LoriA victorius and honorable GirlGirl
LoriaA glorious womanGirl
LorianaLaurel tree leaves as a symbol of Victory and HonorGirl
LoriannaLaurel tree, symbol of Dignity and VoctoryGirl
LorianneShe symbolises Dignity and VictoryGirl
LoricaBody armor of a Roman soldiersGirl
LorieShe who is crowned with Dignity and PraiseGirl
LorielA woman awarded for her Dignity and HonorGirl
LorileeA luring rock in Rhine river where the Siren sangGirl
LorilynnLatin name describing blossoming flowerGirl
LorindaVariation of the name Laurel, crowed with laurel treeGirl
LorineLaurel tree; from tha bayGirl

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