25 Baby Girl Names That Start With Lov

LovaSwedish for promise, vowGirl
LovaiShe who is loved or heavy rainsGirl
LovdieFrom old English name Loveday, meaning lovely dayGirl
LoveLoved and loving personGirl
LovechildChild born out of loveUnisex
LovecraftOne who is skilled, strengthUnisex
LovedaiaDay of reconciliationGirl
LovedayOld English name, a day of loveGirl
LovedayaA day of reconciliation and settling of disputesGirl
LoveieA lovely and happy soft hearted individualGirl
LovellaLove, profound affectionGirl
LovelyBeautiful, charming and alluring oneUnisex
LovelynA loved and cherised oneGirl
LovetaA woman who is like a young wolfGirl
LovettaResembling a young wolfGirl
LovetteShe is like a wolf cubGirl
LoveyEnglish - LoveGirl
LoviaA feeling of returned LoveGirl
LoviceA person in loveUnisex
LovieThe one who is deeply lovedGirl
LoviiseEstonian form of Louisa. It means famous warrior.Girl
LovinaOne who is adoredGirl
LovisaA woman who is a famous warriorGirl
LoviseFamous warriorGirl
LovotaA fast Wolf; good naturedGirl

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