160 Baby Girl Names That Start With Lu

LuA light that shines upon a famous warriorGirl
Lu luA woman whose beauty is compared to a PearlGirl
Lu-luahA pet name for all the female names that start with "Lu"Girl
LuaA contended, relaxes and joyful individualGirl
LuanAn UpspringGirl
LuanaAn Honorable maiden in the battleGirl
LuaneA graceful woman in the battleGirl
LuannDelight and amusemenGirl
LuannaEnjoyment, Happiness and BlissGirl
LuanneCombination of Lou - famous war and Ann - graceGirl
LubaSlavic word for LoveGirl
LubaabaA deepest essence of lifeGirl
LubabThe finest elementGirl
LubabaA deepest essence of somethingGirl
LubabahPure GirlGirl
LubabeThe finest essence of lifeGirl
LubainaThe deepest essence of someoneGirl
LubalethuA deep essence of a personGirl
LubanA long necked personGirl
LubanahDesire and a wish of a manGirl
LubbaA feeling of deep loveGirl
LubenaA state of purity and innocenceGirl
LubinaAdaptable personGirl
LublubahAffectionate and delicate personGirl
LubnaA Girl beautiful as a SnowbelleGirl
LubomiraShe who loves the peace and the worldGirl
LucaniaA motother of RomeGirl
LucastaPure Light, a word invented by a poet Richard LovelaceGirl
LucellyOne who is illuminated by the lightGirl
LucelyA variation of Lucia, meaning light.Girl
LucettaA light that is full graceGirl
LucetteThe one who shines with graceful lightGirl
LuciThe light that illuminatesGirl
Luciawhite, bright lightGirl
LucianaLight, illuminationGirl
Luciegraceful lightGirl
LucienneIllumination, glowGirl
Lucijathe one who shines, lightGirl
Lucileiluminous, lightGirl
Lucillagraceful light, illuminationGirl
LucilleShining brigh lightGirl
LucinaItalian form of Lucia, shine, iluminateGirl
LucindaThe one who shines with graceful lightGirl
Lucinerefers to Mary as Lady of the Light.Girl
Lucitalittle lightGirl
LucjaPolish name describing lightGirl
LucreceLatin name meaning profitGirl
LucreciaShe who brings lightGirl
LucretiaLatin word for wealthGirl
LucreziaItalian name meaning profitGirl
LucyEnglish variation of Lucia, meaning lightGirl
LudaLove of the peopleGirl
LudellaMischevious elf, fairyGirl
LudemaA person who is passive and easy goingGirl
LudieGraceful, favorable peopleGirl
LudivineOne who is friend of the peopleGirl
LudmilaLoved by the peopleGirl
LudmillaThe one who loves peopleGirl
LudovicaFamous in war and battleGirl
LudovikaOld German name refering to great warriorGirl
LudwigaA glorious warriorGirl
LudwikaA brilliant warriorGirl
LueBorn at daybreak, lightGirl
LuellA notorious elfGirl
LuellaLatin name meaning to make amendsGirl
LuelleA Foreigh soldier, warriorGirl
LuellenA famous elf, fairyGirl
LuettaFame of a fighterGirl
LugeniaA forceful, forthright and dignified individualGirl
LuhhaAn ammount, measureGirl
LuigiaItalian name for mighty warriorGirl
LuiginaA well bornGirl
LuijzikaGerman name for noutorious warriorGirl
LuildaA dear battleGirl
LuisaA famous battle maidGirl
LuisanaA loud fighterGirl
LuiseA renowned warriorGirl
LuisinaA maiden in warGirl
LuizaSpanish name for maiden in warGirl
LujaOf great depthGirl
LujainA literary Arabic name for Girls that means silverGirl
LujainaThe silver oneGirl
LujaynArabic name meaning silverGirl
LujingThe one of silverGirl
LujzaA famous warriorGirl
LujzikaA variation of the name Louise meaning a famous fighterGirl
LulShort for Laurel, one who is Honarable and VictoriusGirl
LulaA Girl born at a daybreakGirl
LulamaeA sweet tree that is a symbol of Honor and VictoryGirl
LulanaShining Moon or a Guiding StarGirl
LuletteA small Girl that was born at a daybreakGirl
LulieA person whose birth was illuminated by daybreakGirl
LulitaShe acheaved Fame in the WarGirl
LullWoman who is a legendary soldierGirl
LullaA legendary female warriorGirl
LullingCalming, ShoothingUnisex
LuloahWoman who is like a PearlGirl
LuluWoman who is a legendary warriorGirl
LuluaWoman who is beautiful as a PearlGirl

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