104 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ly

LyA meadowGirl
LyannaGod has answered or Girl who has a pretty faceGirl
LyazzatSweet, pleasant, beautifulGirl
LydaA small winged oneGirl
LydiaLydia was a region on the west coast of Asia MinorGirl
LydieA Maiden from Lydia, GreeceGirl
LygiaA whistling voiceGirl
LykkeOf good fortune, happy oneGirl
LylaA Girl from an islandGirl
LylahA dark beautyGirl
LyliannA flower symbolising purity and resurrectionGirl
LylieA lily flowerGirl
LyllaThe island GirlGirl
LylliannGirl from the islandsGirl
LynaA ray of sunGirl
LynaeA small blue flowerGirl
LyndaA beautiful snake; linden treeGirl
LyndallA beautiful lime treeGirl
LyndeA gentle personUnisex
LyndeeVariation of Lynde, a tender, gentle personGirl
LyndenBiblical name, a teil treeUnisex
LyndiA beautifully grown linden tree; SerpentGirl
LyndsayOne who is from the linden tree islandGirl
LyndseeA settlement near the lakeGirl
LyndseiA colony by the lakeGirl
LyndseyA lake where the linden trees growGirl
LyndsiVariation of Lindsay meaning from the linden tree islandGirl
LyndsieAn island of lime treesGirl
LyndzaiAn independent and organized personGirl
LyndzayOne from the island of linden treesGirl
LyndzeaA linden treeGirl
LyndzeeAn island of lime treesGirl
LyndzeiA freedom loving, quick witted personGirl
LyndzeyAnother name for Lincon islandUnisex
LyndziA settlement by the lakeGirl
LyndzyOne from a town LindsayGirl
LyneeAn IlluminationGirl
LynelleWelsh given name meaning idolGirl
LynessA lionessGirl
LynessaAn Arthurian Legend nameGirl
LynetA graceful and mild personGirl
LynethA beautiful oneGirl
LynetteA beautiful birdGirl
LyneyaA youthful and entertaining individualGirl
LynleaA beautiful lakeGirl
LynleyA beautiful churchGirl
LynnA lake, waterfallGirl
LynnaA house or a churchGirl
LynnaeA lime or linden treeGirl

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