104 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ly

LynndaSpanish name describing beautyGirl
LynneA place by the lakeGirl
LynneaA name of a flowerGirl
LynneanneAn intensive and mature individualGirl
LynnelleA beautiful lakeGirl
LynnetA beautiful birdGirl
LynnetteLittle lion womanGirl
LynnieA pure torture,a torturous womanGirl
LynnixA loyal and individualistic personGirl
LynnseyAn island of lime treesGirl
LynnzeyAn island where linden trees growGirl
LynnziA marsh where linden growsGirl
LynnzieA town by the lakeGirl
LynsayThe island where lime trees growGirl
LynseeFrom the wetlandGirl
LynseiAn island of treesGirl
LynseyA lake where the linden trees growGirl
LynsiLincoln's marshGirl
LynsyA marsh where linden growsGirl
LynzaiMarshlands of LincolnshireGirl
LynzayAn island of linden treesGirl
LynzeeOne from the linden tree islandGirl
LynzeiWood of linden treesGirl
LynzeyOne from the lime tree islandsGirl
LynziLincoln's marsh; island of linden treesGirl
LynzieShe is from and island of the linden treesGirl
LyonelleShe is strong and powerfull as a lionessGirl
LyonesseName of Gareth's wife.Girl
LyonorsA Mother of Boore. An Arthurian lengend name.Girl
LyraA musical instrument, Lyre. Also a constellation of stars.Girl
LyreA harp. Person with a beautiful singign voice.Girl
LyrelShe who sings beautifuly. A musical instrument lyreGirl
LyricA beautiful songGirl
LyrisA musical, lyrical personGirl
LyrtiA person with great musical and lyrical talentGirl
LysaThe God is my PromiseGirl
LysandraShe who is a defender of menGirl
LysanneA liberator of peopleGirl
LysbethA woman whose god is in the oathGirl
LysistrateReleasing or losing the army.Girl
LyskaGod is my perfectionGirl
LyssaShort from Melissa, meaning the beeGirl
LytaA girl with little wingsGirl
LyubaThe one who lovesGirl
LyubovTo love othersGirl
LyudmilaA dear person who loves and feels deeplyGirl
LyudmylaOne who is nice to everyoneGirl
LyvevaA beloved giftGirl
LyydiaOne who came form Minor Asian region LydiaGirl

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