2660 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter M

Baby Girl Names Starts With M

When you’re choosing a name for your baby girl, it’s important for you to decode the moniker completely. The first letter, especially, can give an insight into the bearer’s approach to life and the overall personality. Below we discuss how names starting with the letter M can affect a baby girl’s destiny.

M is an optimistic and happy letter with strong creative vibrations. Girls with this letter are hardworking, loyal, and sociable with high moral ethics and traditional values. So this letter will influence your baby daughter to be happy and cheerful and have a great love for hearth and home.

The M girls have a great deal of self-confidence and are highly likely to achieve success in whatever they do. These work oriented people are cautious, and do not jump into anything impulsively. They think about things thoroughly and plan for everything beforehand. And their judgment is always based on their value system, not under anyone's influence.

These wonderful personality traits shouldn’t be the only reason to give your daughter a name with M. This letter is also parent to some beautiful baby girl names, such as Molly, Mabel, Melissa and more. You’ll find all these and many more hidden gems in MomJunction's list below.

MaddelenaA person from Madala, a town whose name means towerGirl
MaddenPuppies, small dogsUnisex
MaddieA woman with great strenght in the battleGirl
MaddyYoung; Unmarried woman; Son of the Mighty Warrior; A variant form of Madison;Girl
MaddynOne whose mother was a brave warriorGirl
MadeeA good beginningGirl
MadeehaA woman who is worthy of every praiseGirl
MadehaPraiseworthy womanGirl
MadelaineOne who is from the towerGirl
MadelcaA female name of Belgian originGirl
MadeleinA place name of town Magdala that means towerGirl
MadeleineHebrew - Of Magdala; Variant transcription of MagdalenaGirl
MadeleleineTo come from town Magdala that means towerGirl
MadelenShe is from a town Magdala that means towerGirl
MadelenaGirl from a town Magdala whose name means towerGirl
MadeleneA place name, town Magdala, meaning towerGirl
MadelevaWoman from Magdala, town that means towerGirl
MadelhariGermanic - A counselor of the troops; Army CounselorGirl
MadeliaHebrew - Of Magdala; High Tower; Variant transcription of MagdalenaGirl
MadelinA woman from MagdalaGirl
MadelinaHebrew - Of Magdala; Variant transcription of MagdalenaGirl
MadelineHebrew - Of Magdala; High Tower; Variant transcription of MagdalenaGirl
MadelonShe comes from MagdalaGirl
MadelynHebrew - Of Magdala; High Tower; Variant transcription of MagdalenaGirl
MadelyneGirl from a town Magdala in GalevciaGirl
MadelynnWoman who was born in MagdalaGirl
MadelynneA girl from a town whose name means towerGirl
MadgeOld Greek - Pearl; A variation of the name MargaretGirl
MadguparnaFrom a name Magdalena, one from the tower townGirl
MadhabikaA vine or a climbing plantGirl
MadhabilataOne who is like a vine plantGirl
MadhatA word, a poem of preiseUnisex
MadhavaOne born in the spring seassonUnisex
MadhaviA name for Hindu Goddes LakshmiGirl
MadhavilataA flowering creeper; A combination of name Madhavi and LataGirl
MadhioliAn intelligen personGirl
MadhoA name of the LordGirl
MadhorubaganShe who is like a LordGirl
MadhuHoney-sweet personUnisex
Madhu priyaA person who loves the sweet honeyGirl
MadhubalaA girl sweet as a honey beeGirl
MadhubarshiA sweet melodyGirl
MadhubratiOne who is like a honey beeGirl
MadhuchandraA girl sweet as a MoonGirl
MadhujaA woman made of honeyGirl
MadhujaminiNight under the light on the moonGirl
MadhukaraA honey sweet loverGirl
MadhuksaraA person who baths in honeyGirl
MadhulSweet Person; One who is sweet like honey; A very lovable and kind person;Girl
MadhulaA woman lovely and sweet as honeyGirl

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