1578 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ma

MadhulataA sweet creeperGirl
MadhulekhaA beautiful, gorgeous womanGirl
MadhulikaHoney, nectar, a devine drinkGirl
MadhumalatiA Flowering creeper, a vineGirl
MadhumathiA delightful sight of the moonGirl
MadhumatiTo be full of sweetness, honeyGirl
MadhumitaLicious, full of honeyGirl
MadhumithaSweet Person; One who is sweet like honey; A very lovable and kind person;Girl
MadhunishaA pleasant, lovely nightGirl
MadhuparnaA leaf of tulsiGirl
MadhupriyaOne who is very fond of sweet things, like honeyGirl
MadhupuspaA horizonUnisex
MadhuraShe who has a voice sweel like honeyGirl
MadhureemaA sweet and charming girlGirl
MadhuriShe who is full of sweetnessGirl
MadhurimaIndian name describing sweetnessGirl
MadhushriThe beauty of springGirl
MadhusreeOne who is beautiful; springGirl
MadhuvanthiSweet Person; One who is sweet like honey; A very lovable and kind person;Girl
MadiaA bitter oneGirl
MadicellaInsightful, sensitive and energetic individualGirl
MadickenA pearlGirl
MadieTower, one who lives in a towerGirl
MadieuGod is mineGirl
MadiganA dog, mastiffUnisex
MadihaOne who is worthy of praiseGirl
MadihahPraiseworthy personGirl
Madilynrefers to Mary Magdalene; towerGirl
MadilynnOne who is from MagdalaGirl
MadinaA Quranic name for girls that means city of the ProphetGirl
MadirakshiWoman with mesmerising eyesGirl
MadisenSon of MaudGirl
MadissenA gift of GodGirl
MadisynIt is Matthew's son; a brave son; elegant beingGirl
MadjaA splandid, noble oneGirl
MadlainaA woman of MagdalaGirl
MadlenA town with a towerGirl
MadlenkaOf MagdalaGirl
MadleyneOne who comes from town MagdalaGirl
MadlinA tall towerGirl
MadoWoman of MagdalaGirl
MadonnaMy lady, a way respectful way to address a womanGirl
MadraMother, one who is motherlyGirl
MadreSpanish word for motherGirl
MadridA place name, Madrid in SpainUnisex
MadrigalA song for unaccompanied voicesGirl
MadronaMother GoddessGirl
MadrunAn early saintGirl
MadsenDanish variation of the name Matthew meaning gift of GodGirl
MaduenuA term meaning The impermanence of life.Unisex

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