84 Baby Girl Names That Start With Mai

MaiA person who dances with great graceGirl
MaiaMother; One who has unconditional love like a motherGirl
MaiahOne who is precious like an EmeraldGirl
MaianaChamorro word for flower.Girl
MaiaraA woman of great wisdomGirl
MaibritOld Greek - Pearl; A variation of the name MargaretGirl
MaibrittOld Greek - Pearl; A variation of the name MargaretGirl
MaiceanOne whose hair is the color of the cornGirl
MaidaYoung; Unmarried; Maiden; A variant of MaidahGirl
MaidelA maiden from the tower townGirl
MaidenAn unmarried, virgin womanGirl
MaidieYoung; Unmarried; Maiden; A variant of MaidaGirl
MaidyA young woman who is unmarriedGirl
MaigenA woman who is pure like a pearlGirl
MaighdlinShe who resembles a pearlGirl
MaijaA woman of rebellious natureGirl
MaikaMother; One who has unconditional love like a motherGirl
MaikeA child that was dearly whished forGirl
MaikenA wished for childGirl
MaikkaFrom hebrew: Who is like God?Girl
MaikoA child that has a love for dancingGirl
MailaOne who is admiredGirl
MaileHawaiian nature name refers to a vine or a shrubGirl
MaileeA vine plantGirl
MailiPolynesian name describing a gentle breezeGirl
MailihaA beautiful woman with a smiling faceGirl
MailleA sea of bitternessGirl
MailynA child of pearly lightGirl
MailysA form of Maelis, meaning princeGirl
MaimanaOne who is on the right, right wing of the armyGirl
MaimoonaA blessed one; wife of the ProphetGirl
MaimounaShe who is under divine protectionGirl
MaimunaOne who has great luckGirl
MaimunahShe who is thriving, a blessed oneGirl
MainaThe one who brings a message from GodGirl
MainakaShe who is born with great intelectGirl
MainamatiA girl from the mountainGirl
MaineFrench word for mainlandUnisex
MaiocA name given to the good godGirl
MairOne who is bitterGirl
MairaShe who is light and swiftGirl
MaireThe bitter, rebellious oneGirl
MaireadShe who is beautful as a pearlGirl
MairennA beloved, wished-for childGirl
MairghreadGaelic name for a pearlGirl
MairiShe who is bitter, ful of bitternessGirl
MairiaIrish name describing someone who is bitterGirl
MairinA star of the seaGirl
MaironThe sea of sorrowGirl
MairwenWelsh name meaning blessedGirl
MaisOne with a beautiful faceGirl
MaisaShe who is walking proudlyGirl
MaisahWalking with a proud swinging gaitGirl
MaisaraShe who is prosperous and comfortingGirl
MaisarahAn Arabic name for girls that means ease, needlessnessGirl
MaiseyGreek name describing a precious stoneGirl
MaishaOne who is full of life, aliveGirl
MaisicaA person who has a wonderful life; greatGirl
MaisieA child of light; pearlGirl
MaisoonA girl with a beautiful faceGirl
MaisooraOne who is successful, fortunateGirl
MaissaShe who is delicate, slenderGirl
MaisyScottish diminutive for Margaret, meaning pearlGirl
MaitaineEnglish name for someone who is dearly lovedGirl
MaitaneOne who is loved deeplyGirl
MaiteSpanish name for loveGirl
MaitenaOne who is loved by manyGirl
MaithiliName of Goddess SitaGirl
MaitildeIrish name for maiden who is strong in a battleGirl
MaitreyiA wise woman; A intelligent and very knowledgeable ladyGirl
MaitriIndian name for friendshipGirl
MaitryA name describing friendship, closenessGirl
MaiucOne who is a magical individual; spell boundGirl
MaivelynOne who is fast, attractive and has idealsGirl
MaiwenCompound name meaning beautiful MaryGirl
MaiwennThe one who raisesGirl
MaiyaJapanese name meaning rice valleyGirl
MaizaOne who can distinguish between good and badGirl
MaizahOne who has good judgementGirl
MaizeyScottish name meaning pearlGirl
MaizieA creation of lightGirl
MaizyVariant of the Scottish name Maisie meaning pearlGirl

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