101 Baby Girl Names That Start With Mal

MalikahShe who is queenGirl
MalinOne from MagdalaGirl
MalinaA calming, southing personGirl
MalinalxochitlThe grass flower.Girl
MalînánguaĸSweet little one to followGirl
MalindaOld Greek - Bee; Honey; A spelling variant of MelindaGirl
MalineHebrew - Of MagdalaGirl
MaliniFragrant; Aromatic; Sweet Fragrance; Nice smellingGirl
MalisName of southeast Asian jasmine.Girl
MalisaA soothing balm, lemon balmGirl
MalissaOld Greek - Bee; Honey; A variant of MalindaGirl
MalitaShe who is sweet like honeyGirl
MalivalayaClimbing jasmineGirl
MaliyaA sea of rebelliousnessGirl
MaliyahShe who is deeply lovedGirl
MalkaHebrew for queenGirl
MalkiaThe Queen of GodGirl
MalkinPowerful; Princess; A pet form of Mary; A variant spelling is MalkynGirl
MalkynA maiden in battleGirl
MallaShe who has no luckGirl
MalleA desired, wished for childGirl
MalleryOld French - Unhappy; Unlucky; It is a spelling variant of MalloryGirl
MalleyUnhappy, unlucky oneGirl
MalliFlower; As Pure as Jasmine Flower; Fragrant and Aromatic Jasmine FlowerGirl
MallieOne who is as sweet as honeyGirl
MallikaA creeper plant; JasmineGirl
MallissaGreek name for a beeGirl
MallorenLaurel of bad luckGirl
MalloreyOld French - Unhappy; Unlucky; War CounselorGirl
MalloriThe unfortunate oneGirl
MalloryThe one who has no luckGirl
MallowEnglish - The mallow flower; Celtic - From Mallow; Ireland; By the river AlloGirl
MalluOne who exudes peacefulnessGirl
MallyA version of Melinda, meaning sweetGirl
MallyaA rebellious childGirl
MalmalShe who is softGirl
MaloreeA person who desn't have luckGirl
MalorieOld French - Unhappy; Unlucky; War CounselorGirl
MalotaFrom an English surname, means a wished childGirl
MalouOne who is a renowned warriorGirl
MaluOne who brings peaceGirl
MalvaA slender and delicate womanGirl
MalvikaShe who lived in Malva, a place nameGirl
MalvinaEnglish - Smooth brow; Friend; Soft; A variant form of MelvinaGirl
MalvineEnglish - Smooth brow; Friend; Soft; A variant form of MelvinaGirl
MalvisA river of bitternessGirl
MalwinaEnglish - Smooth brow; Friend; Soft; A variant form of MelvinaGirl
MalynaA woman sweet as a raspberryGirl
MalyndaA sweet woman, one who is like a honey beeGirl

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