176 Baby Girl Names That Start With Man

ManaOne who is full of spiritUnisex
ManabA person who shares things with othersGirl
ManaccaA place name of the town in PennsilvaniyaGirl
ManadhaGiving honorGirl
ManahilA girl who is like a spring of fresh waterGirl
ManaiaFrom the mythological figure, a man with the head of a birdGirl
ManajitOne who controls the mindUnisex
ManalOne who achieved greatGirl
ManaliOne who is like a birdGirl
MananaOne who finds peace in meditation and contemplationGirl
MananiyaA woman who has deserved all the praisesGirl
ManarOne whose light is the guide to othersGirl
ManaraShe who is the light in the lives of manyGirl
ManasaA creative person who creates with her mindGirl
Manasa deviThe one created in the mindGirl
ManasarovarA place name of the Lake ManasarovarUnisex
ManashaOne who is like the GoddessGirl
ManashiA deeply spiritual personGirl
ManasiA person whose mind is soundUnisex
ManasieA person who alwazs listens to the voice of its heartUnisex
ManasijaOne who is born of the mindGirl
ManasikaOf mindGirl
ManasviAn intelligent personGirl
ManasviniA person who is proud and self-respectingGirl
ManatOne who believes in fateUnisex
ManavdeepThe lamp of the mindUnisex
ManaviA primal womanGirl
ManayiWife of ManuGirl
MandaOne who is worthy of being lovedGirl
MandakiniName of a sacred riverGirl
MandakrantaA Sanskrit MetreGirl
MandalaA circleGirl
MandalayName of a mountain from a holy placeGirl
MandalitSpanish girl nameGirl
MandalynOne who is worthy of loveGirl
MandanaShe who is everlastingGirl
MandaraHeaven; Paradise; Abode of Lord'sGirl
MandariThe coral treeGirl
MandarmalikaA garland of celestialGirl
MandaviName of Lord Rama's brother's wifeGirl
MandeepThe lamp of the mindGirl
MandelinaShe who is lovableGirl
MandereBeautiful beadsGirl
MandhurShe who is gentleGirl
MandiOne who is worthy of being lovedGirl
MandieA woman worthy of affectionGirl
MandipA light of sagesGirl
MandiraMelody; Like a melodius songGirl
MandiraaAn indian name for melodyGirl
MandisaEgyptian name describing something sweetGirl

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