483 Baby Girl Names That Start With Mar

MaraalaA woman greaceful as a swanGirl
MarabPerson focused on getting to the final point, reaching the goalGirl
MarabellaA sea of bitterness and sorrowGirl
MarabelleA lovely, wondrous personGirl
MarabethOne who is like the sea of bitternessGirl
MarableA marvelous womanGirl
MaracheFrom Mexican "mariachi", a style of mexican musicGirl
MaraedWoman who is pretty as a pearlGirl
MarahOne who is full of bitternessGirl
MaraiA woman of rebellious natureGirl
MaraiaA daughter that was wished forGirl
MarajadeA female name of Hindi originGirl
MaralA deer. Name reffers to a Caspian Red DeerGirl
MaralahOne who was born during an earthquakeGirl
MaralinA beloved personGirl
MaralynShe is the star of the seaGirl
MaralyneOne who drowns in the sea of bitternessGirl
MaralynnDiminutive form of Marie which is a variant of Mary which means bitterGirl
MaramaShe is like the moonGirl
MaramiSympathetic; Aspiration; A variant of the name MaramGirl
MaramiyaSympathetic; Aspiration; A variant of the name MaramGirl
MaranA woman of the seaGirl
MarandaA woman who must be admiredGirl
MaranzA fruit oragneGirl
MaranzieA girl who is like the fruit orangeGirl
MaravaThe Raga of the tradiotional Hindustani musicGirl
MarayaA woman who is admiredGirl
MarbellaA Spanish place nameGirl
MarcaA person with rebelliousness in her heartGirl
MarcailA girl pretty as a pearlGirl
MarceeA woman who is a warriorGirl
MarcelaA woman sho is strong like a hammerGirl
MarcelinaOne dedicated to Mars, a god of warGirl
MarcelineA young warriorGirl
MarcellaA woman with the character of the warriorGirl
MarcelleA woman who is a warrior at heartGirl
MarcellinaA woman dedicated to MarsGirl
MarcellineLatin - Dedicated to Mars; Warlike; Female Version of Marc; A variant of the name MarcellaGirl
MarceyA bright but hostile personGirl
MarchA name of the third month in the year, named after the God MarsUnisex
MarchelineShe is a warriorGirl
MarchesaA french title, a wife of MarcheseGirl
MarchiA hostile personGirl
MarciA battling persionGirl
MarciaA warlike womanGirl
MarcieLatin - Dedicated to Mars; Warlike; Female Version of Marc; A variant of the name MarcellaGirl
MarciellaA young warriorGirl
MarcyA variation of name Marcus, a god of warGirl

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