101 Baby Girl Names That Start With Mer

MeraThe beaming light, a radiant sunrise.Girl
MerabPresent in great quantitiy, existing in great number or quantityGirl
MerahUnpleasant stern, rough taste, very difficult to accept or bearGirl
MeralA large body of water sparkling brilliantly in the day light.Girl
MeraldaA transparent and green color piece of precious gem, Emerald.Girl
MerandaThe value of adoration, price of love.Girl
MeravA process of becoming larger or longer or more numerous or more importantGirl
MerceMercy, merciful, referred to Mother MaryGirl
MercedA disposition to be kind and forgiving, the feeling of motivate compassionGirl
MercedesUnlimited grace, recompense of worthy acts, remuneration.Girl
MercheThe one who has a sense of propriety and consideration for others.Girl
MerciMercy; Kindness; Compassion; Benevolence; A variant of MercyGirl
MerciaMercy; Kindness; Compassion; Benevolence; A variant of MercyGirl
MercieDisposed to bestow favors.Girl
MercillaGood natured, tolerance of delay or incompetence.Girl
MercinaRefraining from acting.Girl
MercyKindness; Compassion; BenevolenceGirl
MerdyceA determined, preserving and happy individualGirl
MerelOld French - Blackbird; Celtic - Sea-bright; Hebrew - Sea of BitternessGirl
MereteMuch valued as a jewel, most valuable personGirl
MerewenInspiring pleasure.Girl
MerewinaA variant of Merewen which is derived from name Merewynn which means renowned joy, great pleasure, splendid delightGirl
MergaretaPearls, a bunch of pearls, bright as pearlGirl
MergretThe beautiful and shiny pearlsGirl
MergualdoA cluster of pears that are preciousGirl
MeriThe marine, deep ocean.Girl
MeriaThe harsh taste of the Ocean.Girl
MeriamStar of the ocean in Hebrew. In Arabic it refers to Mother Mary, the virgin mother.Girl
MeribethThe utmost beautiful.Girl
MeridaThe one who reached the great place of decency.Girl
MeridelA joyful and merry person.Girl
MerieVariation of Merry which means Lighthearted or HappyGirl
MerielA shining and sparkling sea.Girl
MerietA woman who is meritoriousGirl
MerildaThe queen or empress of war and battleGirl
MerilleA bright shiny sea, Sea that is brightGirl
MerilynBe fabulous or tremendous.Girl
MerimaBosnian form of Mary, meaning star of the sea'.Girl
MerindahThe person who is having emotional admiration.Girl
MerisThe person of the ocean.Unisex
MerisaThe person from the Ocean.Girl
MeriseThe person who is always in the sea.Girl
MerissaOne who is of the sea, little Mary, Virgin MaryGirl
MeritThe quality that renders something desirable.Unisex
MerittaBeing worthy or deserving.Girl
MeriwetherA happy or pleasant weather, a cheerful personGirl
MerjaThe holy mother Mary, virgin MaryGirl
MerjanLebanese term for diamond or pearl.Girl
MerjemA form of Mary, meaning bitterness.Girl

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