360 Baby Girl Names That Start With Mi

Mi ChaBeauty and daughter, beautiful daughterGirl
Mi KyongBeauty and brightnessGirl
Mi SunBeauty and goodnessGirl
Mi YoungEverlasting beautyGirl
Mi-ChaA beautiful girlGirl
Mi-hiBeautiful joyGirl
Mi-OkBeautiful pearlGirl
MiaThe person who is dearly to everyone.Girl
MiabellaA tiny falcon, a baby falcon. A person with the qualities of a falconGirl
MiahThe much dearest person.Girl
MiakodaThe strength of the Moon.Girl
MiataIn German it means "A reward". In African it means "First born" of "First Lady"Girl
Micawho can be equal to God.Girl
MicaelaHebrew - Who is like God; A variation of MichaelaGirl
MicaellaHebrew - Who is like God; A variation of MichaelaGirl
MicarlaA messenger of God, archangelGirl
MicaylaHebrew - Who is like God; A variation of MichaelaGirl
Michawho can reach God's placeUnisex
MichaelaHebrew - Who is like God; A variation of MichaelGirl
Michaelethe one who is nearer to God.Girl
MichaelleA gift from the merciful GodGirl
Michailawho is like unto the most high Yaweh.Girl
Michalthe person who put up with somebody unpleasant.Girl
Michalathe natural stream of water.Girl
MichalinaThe dearest angel of the GodGirl
Michalisthe person who is connected to God.Girl
Michayathe sparkling ocean.Girl
Michaylawho will be same image as GodGirl
MichealA beautiful gift from the GodGirl
MichealaThe closest angel to the GodGirl
MichelaThe dearest messenger of GodGirl
MicheleThe Angel who carry messages of GodUnisex
MicheletteThe God's gracious giftGirl
Michelinathe God is not like a human.Girl
MichelineHebrew - Who is like God; A variation of MichaelaGirl
Michellthe God is not like anyone in this world.Girl
Michellathe precious talent from the most high place.Girl
MichelleHebrew - Who is like God; A variation of MichaelaGirl
MichelletteA graceful blessing from the GodGirl
Michithe upright path.Unisex
Michiganthe large river.Unisex
Michikothe child with fantastic knowledge.Girl
Michonthe percious tallent for the most high God.Unisex
Miciahthe priceless gift from God.Girl
MicielaA blessed gift from GodGirl
MickaylaGod is one and there is none like him.Girl
Mickithe God's beloved angelGirl
Mickiearchangel of GodGirl
MicolHebrew - She who is queen; Derivatives of Micol are Milca and MilcalGirl
Micolethere is none like the spirit.Girl
MidajahA person with mystic powers and rational mindGirl
Midethe one who is in need of water.Girl
Midgedarling one to Amun.Girl
Midhathe one who has to be worshipped.Girl
Midhaathe one sho is recognized with gratefulness.Girl
Midhahtribute or inspiration.Girl
Midhatthe formal expression of praise.Girl
Midorione of the colors , Green.Girl
Miethree way division.Girl
Miekethe unpleasant or harsh taste.Girl
Miekothe brightness of the light.Girl
MielleHoney, sweet as honey, sugaryGirl
Miesthe favorite son of the planter.Unisex
Mieshaalive, lifetime, survivial, income, path of life.Girl
Miettaminor and sugary.Girl
MietteFrench - Small and SweetGirl
MiezeHebrew - Small; BitterGirl
MigdaliaHebrew - Tower; From a tower; A variant form of MigdalGirl
Migisithe one who looks like an eagle.Girl
MignonDelicate, Graceful; French - DaintyGirl
MiguelaHebrew - Who is like God; A variation of MichaelaGirl
Mihaelathere is none like the creator of this world.Girl
MihailaBulgarian form of Michaela, meaning Who is like God.Girl
Mihewithe lady of the sun.Girl
Mihikahaze, miasma, droplets.Girl
Mihirathe great Sun.Girl
Mihokochild of shielded loveliness.Girl
MijaDiscontent towards authority, the one who is resisting control, disagreeable tasteGirl
MikaIn Hebrew, it means a gift from the Almighty. In Japanese, it means the beautiful fragrance.Girl
MikaelaA bright and beautiful female filled with quiet and loving nature, One who is friendly with all.Girl
MikaelahAn angel of Allah, the messengerGirl
MikahThe angel of GodGirl
MikailaThe one who is the messenger of God.Girl
MikailiThe one who is likely to the God's messenger.Unisex
MikalThe dear messenger of GodGirl
MikalaHawaiian version of Michaela that means messenger.Girl
MikalynFemale form of Michael that means God's messengerGirl
MikanA Japanese word that means Orange or tangerine.Girl
MikasaA Nara Word that means three hats of Bamboo. Also means "to resolve"Girl
MikayaAmerican variant of the name Malachi that means the messenger or the angel.Girl
MikaylaFemale form of Michael that refers to the messenger of God.Girl
MikayleeOne who carries God's messagesUnisex
Mikellea person likely to the God's messenger.Unisex
MikennaAn African name that means who brings the Joy.Unisex
Mikenziethe Child of a wise leader.Unisex
MikhaelaFemale version of mikail that refers to the message carrier of GodGirl
Mikhailathe one who is provider of the messages of the God.Girl
MikkeliRefers to someone equivalent to the God's messenger.Girl
MikkiFeminine form that means a gift from God.Girl

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