41 Baby Girl Names That Start With Mon

MonaThe one who can hearGirl
MonalA bird, a free spiritGirl
MonaliThe one who must be admired, adorableGirl
MonalisaArt; Mona Lisa is a famous portrait painted by Leonardo da VinciGirl
MoneerehAn intelligent girlGirl
MonetA protector's descendantGirl
MongolekhorniiugluuMongol country's morningUnisex
MoniIn Greek it means the advisor, In Hindi it means the silenceGirl
MonicaThe one who advise peopleGirl
MonicoA truthful advisorGirl
MonifaAfrican Yoruban - I Am LuckyGirl
MonifeThe one who has been lovedGirl
MonikaOld Greek - Single; Only; Monk; Hermit; To advise; To warn; A variant of name MonicaGirl
MonikanchanJewellery and Gold; Ornament of GoldGirl
MonikarnikaA Gold ornament for earGirl
MonikarnikarJewellery and Gold; Ornament of GoldGirl
MoniquaA unique advise or an advisorGirl
MoniqueOld Greek - Single; Only; Monk; Hermit; To advise; To warn; A variant of name MonicaGirl
MonirehA shining person, one who is brightGirl
MonishaIntellectual; Knowledgeable; Wise; Well Learned; Brilliant; IntelligentGirl
MonitaHighly intellectual girlGirl
MonjaOne who wished for a virgin motherGirl
MonjiyaA girl as beautiful as a pearlGirl
MonjolaoluwaEnjoying the wealth of God.Unisex
MonkaushkaThe shaking of the earthUnisex
Monkh ErdeneEternal familyUnisex
MonnA great advisorGirl
MonnaThe unique, the one of its kindGirl
MonnieThe one who shows right path to othersGirl
MononeA person with a horse like qualityUnisex
MonroeFrom the mouth of the Roe river of IrelandUnisex
MonserratAn unevenly cut mountainGirl
MonserrateA monastery cut out of mountainGirl
MontanaThe mountain or the country of mountainsUnisex
MontserratA mountain that was cut evenly to make a place to liveGirl
MontshoA black colored personGirl
MonyA precious stone, gem.Girl
MonyaA monk or an adviserGirl

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