50 Baby Girl Names That Start With Mor

MoraA kind of berry, a mulberry fruitGirl
MoragHebrew - Sea of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished for Child; Celtic - Big; Great; A variant of MaryGirl
MorakaAn individual who is freedom loving and honouredGirl
MoranaA Goddess of winter and deathGirl
MorarThe one who worked at the windmillsUnisex
MoraraA beautiful bird peacockUnisex
MorathiAn intelligent or a wise manUnisex
MoreenA person with great personalityGirl
MorelaSweet like a fruit of ApricotGirl
MoreleyOne who cleans the area of low wet landGirl
MorenaOne with the brown colored hairGirl
MorenikeVictory over the seasGirl
MorenikejiThis child resembles me.Unisex
MoressaA butterfly that dwells from the seaGirl
MorfuddAn unmarried young women, a virgin girlGirl
MorgaineA radiant of dazzling seaGirl
MorganaA Girl hails from the seaGirl
MorganceCeltic - Sea; Edge; Circle; Completion; Bright; White Sea Dweller; Great and BrightGirl
MorganeA girl dwells from the sea-areaGirl
MorgannA person who lives near the seaUnisex
MorgantOne who belongs to the shore of the seasGirl
MorgawseName of Gawain's sisterGirl
Morgaynewho lives near the seaGirl
MorgelynCornish compound name meaning sea-holly.Girl
MorgenOne who circles around the sea to defends itUnisex
MorgianOne who takes care of the bright seaUnisex
MoriaIn Hebrew it means one who is looked by the God. In Native American it means the windGirl
MoriahHebrew - Seen by Yahweh; Bitterness of Yahweh; God Is My TeacherGirl
MorielGod is my teacherGirl
MorikaA fragrance of the forestGirl
MorikoA child that hails from the forestGirl
MorinneA stately and noble girlGirl
MorissaA female with the dark complexionGirl
MoriyaOne who is looked by the GodGirl
MornaA beloved person who is delightful to allGirl
MorningBeginning of Day; English - MorningGirl
MoroccanOne who belongs to the land of GodUnisex
MoroogeOne who is over sensitive and versatile beingGirl
MorriganA Great emperor queen. The Goddess of death and warGirl
MorrisaA dark colored girlGirl
MorsalA flower find in the Afghan regionGirl
MortaA mistress, a gentle-ladyGirl
MortimerA still water, motion-less waterUnisex
MortonOne who is settled by the moorUnisex
MorvaridA shining pearlGirl
MorvorenCornish compound name meaning mermaid or sea maiden.Girl
MorwenA virgin girl, virtuousGirl
MorwennaA Virgin lady by the sea. Name of a Virgin saintGirl
MoryaA Marathi slang that means go aheadGirl

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