698 Baby Girl Names That Start With Na

NaAn elegant or smooth person.Girl
Na'eemahA caring and compassionate woman.Girl
Na'ilahVery prosperous or fruitful.Girl
Na'imaIn Hebrew it means the pleasant and gracious person. In Arabic it means a fruitful gift.Girl
Na'imahThe person who lives a peaceful and joyful life.Girl
Naa'irahA bright and shining source of light.Girl
NaadhiraA Prospering or blossoming person.Girl
NaadiaA gem or child of brightness.Girl
NaadiraA rare specie, the most precious.Girl
NaadiyaThe one who calls, or the one who announceGirl
NaaheedThe star Venus, an elevated personGirl
Naailathe person with the record of victories.Girl
NaajaGull, seagullGirl
NaajiaThe one who is self governing.Girl
NaajidahAs brave as a lionessGirl
NaakaiahA virtuous, pure, a faithful personGirl
Naamamellifluousness or enjoyableness or my gladness.Girl
Naamahmelodiousness, beauty and splendour.Girl
NaamiPretty, sugary, tender, one of the places in southern Israel.Girl
NaamkeeratOne who sing the glories of nameUnisex
NaamnirmalThe one who is sacred via her name.Girl
NaamseetalThe one who is having concord via her name.Girl
NaamsukhPossessing gladness via her name.Girl
NaanaCompassionate, originator of the corn refiner, helper, combatant.Girl
NaarahYouth girl or damsel.Girl
NaasihaProfessional in giving truthful guidance to others.Girl
NaasimaThe person who guides others.Girl
NaasiraThe person who helps other people.Girl
NaasoqPlant, flowerGirl
NaasunnguaqSweet little flowerGirl
NaataaniiA poetess who writes the praise of the prophetGirl
NaavaIn a delightful manner or pretty.Girl
NaavahThe person who has pretty emotional admiration.Girl
NaayantaraThe shining start of the eyes.Girl
NaazThe person is having self respect, A charming personGirl
NaazimaThe person who writes poems. lady poet.Girl
NaaziraThe one who looks on over the activities.Girl
NaazneenStunning and fascinating lady.Girl
NabahThe person who is great noble or sky.Girl
NabakalikaA fresh blossom, a garden fresh shoot.Girl
NabamallikaResembles duple Jasmine flower.Girl
NabamiLunar fortnight's ninth day.Girl
NabamitaNinth day of the lunar fortnight.Girl
NabaniFresh fat or margarine.Girl
NabanipaResembles very fresh blossom.Girl
NabanitaThe new faith or the new moralGirl
NabannaThe fresh cereal grass.Girl
NabawiaThe person who is foretelling the events via supernatural intervention.Girl
NabawiyaThe person who is farsighted the events through spiritual mediation.Girl
NabeehaThe person who is standing above others in quality or position.Girl

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