25 Baby Girl Names That Start With Nab

NabahThe person who is great noble or sky.Girl
NabakalikaA fresh blossom, a garden fresh shoot.Girl
NabamallikaResembles duple Jasmine flower.Girl
NabamiLunar fortnight's ninth day.Girl
NabamitaNinth day of the lunar fortnight.Girl
NabaniFresh fat or margarine.Girl
NabanipaResembles very fresh blossom.Girl
NabanitaThe new faith or the new moralGirl
NabannaThe fresh cereal grass.Girl
NabawiaThe person who is foretelling the events via supernatural intervention.Girl
NabawiyaThe person who is farsighted the events through spiritual mediation.Girl
NabeehaThe person who is standing above others in quality or position.Girl
NabeelaThe one who is adhering to ethical and moral principles.Girl
NabeelahThe one who is impressive in appearance.Girl
NabeeleThe person who is generous, understanding and tolerant.Girl
Nabhathe middle of the heart or mind.Girl
NabhyaMiddle, centre, mid, equal distance from both sides.Girl
NabighahThe person who is having the capacity for thought and reason above par.Unisex
NabihaThe person who is worthy of being depended on.Girl
NabihahThe person who is possessing excellent knowledge.Girl
NabijahThe person who is motivating and bold guider.Girl
NabilaWorthy, elegant, celebrated.Girl
NabilahThe person who was born for goodness.Girl
NabiliaA noble person, always carry good deedsGirl
NabraA lofty peak, specially valued for its uncommonness.Girl

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