29 Baby Girl Names That Start With Nam

NamanBow down before the creator or salaam or greeting.Unisex
NamanaFlexible or bending to downwards.Girl
NamarOne of the hills or mountains.Girl
NamartaThe softness or gentlenessGirl
NamasriThe respectful name, a holy nameGirl
NamasyaThe person who deserves the worthy of honour and praise.Unisex
NamiaA growing thing, increasingGirl
NamidA bright dancer, who dance wellUnisex
NamieBlessings or little helpGirl
NamiraA tigress, beauty and strengthGirl
NamitaOne who bestow in humblenessGirl
NamiyahA force to move forward, keep goingGirl
NamjasWho praises the name through singingUnisex
NamjeetWho wins over his nameUnisex
NamjotThe light of a name, enlightens the nameGirl
NamleenWho is submerged in own nameGirl
NampreetOne who is in affection of her nameGirl
NamraA tigress, beauty and strengthGirl
NamrahThe clean drinking waterGirl
NamrataHumbleness, noblenessGirl
NamritaThe most humble or a modest personGirl
NamritadeepThe light of the humblenessUnisex
NamritajeetOne who wins over through the humblenessUnisex
NamritajotThe lamp of the modestyUnisex
NamritameetThe humble or modest friendUnisex
NamritapreetThe modest infatuationGirl
NamroopThe beauty of a nameGirl
NamsitThe queen of the namesGirl
NamylaA reserved person, quiteGirl

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