58 Baby Girl Names That Start With Nas

NaschaAn owl, wise like an owlGirl
NaseefSpeaking in secretGirl
NaseekaA piece of gold or something valuableGirl
Naseelahfragrant coming with cool breezeGirl
NaseemaA piece of cool breezeGirl
NaseenA descendant chosen oneGirl
NaseeraWho supports a win over evilGirl
NaserianThe lucky one. A fateful personUnisex
NashaIn Nigerian it means born during the rainy season. In Persian it means JudgeUnisex
NashadAn unhappy person, who is not happyUnisex
NashahA judge, a fair or just personUnisex
NashalyA woman born during rainy season.Girl
NashatThe happiness or the energeticGirl
NasheelahA honey comb where bees keep honeyGirl
NasheemThe fresh air or the breezeGirl
NashemaA blossom or a wise girlGirl
NashiaYouth or the young ageGirl
NashidaA girl full of desires, a seekerGirl
NashitaA lively woman, very energeticGirl
NashmiaA garden of flowersGirl
NashrahOne who spread words, a publisherGirl
NashuaThe land between two water riversGirl
NashwaA perfume that intoxicatesGirl
NashwaaAn ecstasy or elationGirl
NashwanAn excited state of joyGirl
NasiaThe person who is in social exchange, specially of opinions and attitudes.Girl
NasibaThe one who protects the Ocean.Girl
NasifaHappy monarch or joyful leader.Girl
NasihaWho advise fro doing good deedsGirl
NasilaHoney flowing out of the combGirl
NasimaA soft flow of airGirl
NasimahA gentle blow of airGirl
NasiqaThe harsh taste of the Ocean.Girl
NasiraA joyful and merry person.Girl
NasirahThe caretaker of the deep ocean.Girl
NasleenaA bengali name; one who is beautiful and positiveGirl
NasmahThe person of the ocean.Girl
NasmiThe person from the Ocean.Girl
NasnanThe person who is always in the sea.Girl
NasreenA white colored wild flowerGirl
NasriThe support for a victoryGirl
NasriaOne who support needy personGirl
NasrinA Jonquil flowerGirl
NasrineA beautiful white flowerGirl
NasriyaSuperior of all who supports otherGirl
NastaranA flower like a wild roseGirl
NastashiaA variant of Anastasia. It means resurrection.Girl
NastasiaA martyr saint. Also name of daughter of Russian king CzarGirl
NastasiyaUkrainian version of Anastasia, meaning rebirth.Girl
NastasjaRisen by baptism to new lifeGirl

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