68 Baby Girl Names That Start With Nat

NataThe one who is expert in giving speech.Girl
NataaniA leader, one who leads from the frontGirl
NatachaThe day of birthGirl
NatakiOne who took birth as a royalGirl
NatalaThe one who came to this world on Christmas day.Girl
NataleeThe one has the same birthday of Christ.Girl
NataleighThe one who was born on the 25th day of December.Girl
NataleneWho was born on the 25th of last month of the year.Girl
NataliSame born on Christ's birthday.Girl
NataliaNewcomer to this world on Christ's born day.Girl
NatalieThe child born on Christmas day.Girl
NataliiThe child born on the 25th day of last month of the year.Girl
NatalijaTook birth on Christmas day.Girl
NatalinaCame to existence on Christmas dayGirl
NatalineCame to this world on Christmas day.Girl
NataliyaA woman who is blessed by God.Girl
NataljaEntered to this world on Christmas day.Girl
NatalkaCame to this world on Christ's birthday.Girl
NatalyChristmas child.Girl
NatalyaChrist birthday child.Girl
Natalyahone who born on Christmas dayGirl
NatalynBorn on Christmas bells time.Girl
NatanaThe special talent from the high above the heavens.Girl
NataneIts a baby girl.Girl
NataniaPresented by God.Girl
NatanielaAwarded by the most high God.Girl
NataraDisadvantage, martyr, detriment, victim.Girl
NatasaWho celebrates the birthday on Christmas day.Girl
NataschaSame birthday on Christmas day.Girl
NatashaThe day who came to this world.Girl
NatashalyDelivered to this world on Christmas day.Girl
NatashiaCelebrates the birthday on 25th of December.Girl
NatasiaCanadian version of Anastasia, meaning resurrection.Girl
NatasjaEntrance day of this world.Girl
NatassiaThe one who was gifted by God.Girl
NataszaPolish accent of Natasha, BirthdayGirl
NataszjaA birthday present from GodGirl
NataviaA pleasant gift from GodGirl
NateiraGraceful, generous, naturalGirl
NatelaLight, brightGirl
NatelieCame to this world on Christmas period.Girl
NatesaThe Master of dance.Girl
NateshaCelebration of date of birth.Girl
NathaaraTiny pieces scattered all overGirl
NathachaThe one who was born in this world on Christmas day.Girl
NathaleeThe same birthday of Christ.Girl
NathaliaSame birthday as Christ.Girl
NathalieThe date of birth of Christ.Girl
NathalyOn the 25th of December.Girl
NathaniaThe treasure from God.Girl
NatharieBrilliant wisdom, one who is brilliant or wiseGirl
NathifaClean, wholesome, unpolluted.Girl
NathifahUntainted, Unalloyed, Uncontaminated, Unadulterated, Clean.Girl
NathraA brief or incomplete view.Girl
NatiBorn on Christmas day.Girl
NatiaOne who born on the day of ChristmasGirl
NatifahWholesome, fresh, untaintedGirl
NatilaFamily member, system, sake, relative, path.Girl
NatineThe person who belongs to the Natine ethnic group.Unisex
NatiqaThe person who is brilliant in giving good speech.Girl
NatividadChristmas day child.Girl
NatoshaRefers the day of entrance to this world.Girl
NatoyaDance, or the one who can danceUnisex
NatsuVery warm season of the year.Unisex
NatsukiGreen color fruits or plants or vegetables or bright moon.Girl
NatsukoThe one who was born in summer time.Girl
NatsumiThe one who makes summer season as pretty.Girl

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