56 Baby Girl Names That Start With Naz

NazThe pride or the delicacyGirl
Nazabeloved or sweetheart.Girl
NazaakatThe delicacy or the tendernessUnisex
NazafarinThe beautiful delicacy of a girlGirl
NazahThe purity of a personGirl
NazahaThe person who is on rightGirl
NazahahThe just or fair personGirl
NazamThe poetry defining a particular thingGirl
Nazaneena girl full or delicacyGirl
NazaninA charming lady with delicacyGirl
Nazanin ZahraNazanin means sweetheart, lovely, and, delightful, Zahra means flower, blossom, or beauty.Girl
NazaninaOne who charm others with her delicacyGirl
NazarpreetOne who is mesmerising to the visionUnisex
NazeehaA virgin girl, a chasteGirl
NazeenaOne who organise everythingGirl
NazeeraCompared to othersGirl
NazeerahOthers look her for the comparisonGirl
NazeeyaOne who has a high aspiresGirl
NazeliA pretty or a beautiful girlGirl
NazerThe eyesight, a vision of an eyesightUnisex
NazgulA beautiful or a delicate flowerGirl
NazhinName of a particular treeGirl
NaziaAn energetic personGirl
NaziahA high-spirited girlGirl
NazifaThe purest or the chaste girlGirl
NazihaA girl that never liesGirl
NazihahOne who always speaks truthGirl
NazikA slender or a delicate personGirl
NazillaA cute person, pleasingGirl
NazimaThe one who governsGirl
NazimahAn organiser, or a governorGirl
NaziraSomeone turns to compare withGirl
NazirahComparable personGirl
NazirqahThe one who is comparedGirl
NazisThe proud or something that can be proud ofGirl
NazishSomething to proud, full of proudGirl
NazleeA delicate and beautifulGirl
Nazlidelicacy with the beautyGirl
NazmA poem in context of a particular thing or personGirl
NazmaThe bright and shining star of the skyGirl
NazmiOut of the context of nazmGirl
NazmilLike a beautiful poemGirl
NazminThe delicate girl, a beautiful girlGirl
NazmiyaThe melodious poemGirl
NazneemAn exquisitely beautiful girlGirl
Nazneenthe most beautiful ladyGirl
NazninThe most charming ladyGirl
NazoSomeone who is whimsy and beautiful. It's the name of a famous Pashtun female poet of 18th century.Girl
NazpariThe charming or beautiful as a fairyGirl
NazraGlow and happiness of a person's face.Girl

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